Consider these things before hiring a website designer


Modern business at some point would need a website, either to be created or revamped. However, the challenge faced most times is getting a good website designer to come up with great ideas and designs. Apart from these, there are other factors to be considered before employing or outsourcing your website design to anyone

Carefully considering these tips below before choosing a web designer could avoid time wastage and disappointment

1. Request for the designers personal website

The first thing you should checkout before giving the web developer you intend to hire a call is the quality of their own business website.

If the site looks shabbily designed (or somehow,  lol,  like I always say), you will absolutely get the same quality of work. If there are lots of errors like 404 errors, dead links, poor web graphics etc. then you should know your own website is going to look similar. This just simply means the web designer cannot offer you what it can’t offer itself. However, if on the other hand, the website is a clean classy design and excellent in functionality, then feel at home. You should on the right track.

2. Request for his/her potfolio

“Can I see a website you have designed before?” Should be the first thing you ask a web designer when you meet one. You don’t want to patronize a learner in the business of web design that will use your website for practical. This is not to depreciate the freshers in the industry. But we are trying to lay emphasis on quality experienced web designers

3. Make sure you get along with your designer

Most times, getting along with your developer can aid getting things done faster. You are trusting someone to accurately reflect what you stand for and broadcast your business through a website. Pick a web design partner who is passionate and cares to learn about your brand. Make sure you get along for the sake of time, money and your work in progress website!

 4. Go straight to the point

Make it a priority to know all the details of working with the particular designer you are hiring. This will allow you have confidence when making complaints if you need to, because you gave clear instructions. Before committing and placing a deposit to work with the web designer you hired, you both should be clear on few things like

1: How long will it take to complete the work you are looking for?
2:Have a beginning and end date, these dates are proofs on the responses of you as the client. A delay in your projects shouldn’t be more than two weeks.

5. Price

In the interview stage, price should be the last thing you discuss. If you make it the first, as most people do, you will likely end up with a very poor choice. Why? The amount you pay determines the quality of job you get – this is a general rule. Cheap web designers always ask for cheap price and deliver cheap jobs.  Also study the countenance of the designer, if he is more passionate about the money than the job, you might just end up with a money driven designer. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong in wanting to be paid so much for a job, but discussing more about the money and less of the job to be done gives you an idea of the kind of designer you would end up with.

In conclusion, before you hire any web designer ensure the designer owns a functional website, offers quality customer care service (i.e. easily accessible and available to take care of your complaints), and has a good portfolio of completed website design projects.

Don’t forget that when it comes to web design, what you pay for is what you get.

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