Google Analytics Demo Account: See live data from Google’s ecommerce


One of the toughest parts of learning web analytics is visualizing data. And although there are several channels to learn Google Analytics, from free online courses to online communities and then more professional in-person classes, one thing still stands, practice makes perfect.

On August 3rd, Google announced that they’d be opening a free demo account for people to work with. This account pulls data from the Google Merchandise shop.

Needless to say, this is a huge step forward for those looking to learn. It provides months worth of data for students to look into and analyze.

“Have you wondered why you’ve always gravitated towards people with real-world experience rather than on-paper experiences? The real-world part 🙂 So while it hurts my feelings a bit to say that my best selling analytics books are not enough, I’m massively excited that the GA team has figured out a solution for the entire universe to get real-world experience. Get the access, download my awesome bundle of segments, dashboards and custom reports, and really start your learning experience!”
– Avinash Kaushik, Author – Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics : An Hour a Day

So what can you do with the demo account?

You can use the Demo Account to learn about Google Analytics features and functionality, for example:
  1. Access all the Standard reports to see which ones are useful to you
  2. Get inspiration from predefined dashboards and segments imported from the Solutions Gallery to create your own
  3. Alter reports by adding table filters and secondary dimensions, and by changing the report type
  4. Learn how to compare audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion performance to a previous date range period
  5. Create your own personal assets such as custom reports, annotations, shortcuts and custom alerts
  6. Become familiar with the predefined attribution models and even create your own
  7. Determine whether features you don’t haven’t implemented could be beneficial to you e.g. AdWords and Search Console integrations
  8. Use it as a companion when following a training course

If you haven’t already, follow this link to gain access to the Google Analytics demo account.

Have you tried out the Google Analytics demo account yet?Let us know in the comment box below.