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google analytics demo account
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 16 12 2016
Noticed a spike in fake referrer traffic on Google? You’re one in many

If you've been using Google Analytics for a while, you've probably had to deal with fake traffic at some point. They come and go, and every now and again, you...

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google analytics demo account
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 17 10 2016
Google Analytics is getting a complete makeover

We'd be expecting a few UI changes to the Google Analytics platform in the next few months

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Posted by Osaze Osoba | 13 10 2016
Non-HTTPS pages will soon be marked Not Secure in Chrome

Non-HTTPS pages will be marked as unsecure from Jan 2017

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Posted by Osaze Osoba | 26 09 2016
Get automatic insights & suggestions with Analytics

Get insights and suggestions from the Google Analytics app.

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optimize ecommerce
Posted by Localized Digital | 29 08 2016
3 things you can do to optimize your online store

Check out these three tips for optimizing ecommerce websites

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hiring website designer
Posted by Adeola Aliu | 24 08 2016
Consider these things before hiring a website designer

Looking to hire a website designer? Check out these 5 quick tips

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google kills adobe flash
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 14 08 2016
Google decides to kill Adobe Flash. Promotes HTML 5

It was always just a matter of time, but the end has finally come

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google analytics demo account
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 12 08 2016
Google Analytics Demo Account: See live data from Google’s ecommerce

Gain access to real world business data straight from Google itself

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3 ecommerce sites using cms
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 07 08 2016
3 popular Nigerian online stores that were not built from scratch

Still trying to decide if you should use a CMS? Check out sites already using one

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CMS Platform
Posted by Osaze Osoba | 02 08 2016
What is a Content Management System & when should you use one?

Are you about to build a website? Check here to know if you need a CMS

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