3 groups of marketers that should take advantage of Facebook live


Facebook live is one awesome Facebook update, but the truth is, it wasn’t designed for everybody. It is quite important to point out that fact that this feature isn’t for everyone. Based on my analogy, these are the groups of users who need Facebook live.

1. Those that need to increase their organic reach

We all know how hard it is to get decent organic reach on Facebook. You have to work really hard, consistently, and use a really effective strategy, before you can pull off double digit reach on your Facebook page. So, if you have this under control and you are hitting your targets with your current strategy and have no interest in something that will boost your organic reach significantly, then Facebook live is not for you.

However, if you love the idea of reaching more people on Facebook, then you will love the live video function.  Facebook gives these videos priority in the news feed (probably because they’re trying to get us to use it, enjoy it while it lasts). So if anyone that follows you logs in when your video is live, then they will see that video first. That’s pretty awesome from a marketing perspective! Imagine how many more people could see your page content if you periodically shared live video posts.

This is not just about reach, Facebook live videos have been found to get up to 10 times more engagement than normal videos. So, if you like  the idea of more engagement, more conversations, and more interactions on your Facebook page, live video is what you should look into

2.You have a story to tell

If all you do is help saturate Facebook with junk content that has little or no value to you or your audience, then don’t make it worse with Facebook live. People might overlook your crappy updates but live crap is totally unacceptable. And this will only show your audience in ‘real time’ that you have nothing to offer. But, if you have anything of value to share – tips, tactics, recommendations, support, events, webinars, product launch motivation, resources, ideas, opinions, or really anything of value, then get in here or should I say get in there?

There are lots of formats to take since you have about 30 minutes maximum. From short videos and effective snippets to long tutorials or detailed answers. Facebook live allows you share more value with your audience and reach them in many more ways than before.

To top of it all, if you have a clear plan, purpose and promise for each live video, you stand to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Remember to include a clear call-to-action in your videos (sign up for emails, download, like, share or leave a comment, etc.) to help maximize the value you get out of the video.

3.You Have nothing to Hide

Transparency is one of the strong pillars of any successful business. Either a start-up or a blue-chip company. If you live to hide behind a computer screen and think you have absolutely no interest in showing your customers what your business is really like, then Facebook live is not for you. Facebook live is one of the best ways to humanize your brand and be truly authentic with your audience. Make mistakes, think before you talk, forget your lines, stutter over your words, have non-professional lighting, get distracted by a member of staff, planned or unplanned background noise… that’s life, and that’s the joy of live video. It’s real, mistakes are inevitable and you come off as authentic.

Here’s how to start a Facebook Live video

It’s as easy as updating your status, which is actually where it starts:

  • Start a new status update on your Facebook page.
  • Click on the little silhouette with radio waves over the head.
  • Type in the title of your video (This has to be properly planned)
  • Then click “Go live”
  • Start talking
  • Keep talking
  • Mention your call-to-action.
  • When you done talking, click “Done”.

You can change the view from the selfie (front) camera to the back camera and back to the front camera with one touch each time. This might be too much for a first timer, but if you have something you want to show them like a display or product, you don’t have to start moving your smartphone around when you can just tap one button to switch between cameras.

It is as easy as that. Follow those few simple steps, and Facebook will put your live video in the top of the feeds of those who follow your page. People can comment in the post, generating real conversation for you to engage with. When you’re done recording, Facebook saves the video to your page for instant replay (It doesn’t auto delete after some time, it’s there for as long as you want it to be). And just like any other status update on your pages, you can go into your page insights to see how your video is performing.

You don’t need third party tools to upload, record or get insights. If you like simple, easy and effective ways of increasing your organic reach and overall engagement on your page then Facebook Live is a good bet.

Go ahead and drop us a link to your Live video in the comment box below so we can have a look.