Are you just starting a business and you want to create awareness to your prospect customers? Have you thought about targeting them with Facebook advert?

In today’s article, you’ll discover some DIY’s on how to get more customers through Facebook ads.

Facebook ads offer a quick, easy, cost-effective way to reach consumers in your environs’.


To get started, Click on Facebook Ads Manager on your desktop and click on create Ad.

From here, you’d select the marketing objective of your ad. The objective determines the type of ads you intend to run. What you choose depends on your goals, and what you plan to achieve.

Facebook objectives2 TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE

Facebook has ads specially designed to reach targeted users at any location. When selecting the location option, it is advisable to reach people close in proximity to your Business. You have the option to specify the country, state and city you want to target, with the mapping tool

You can target any type of Facebook ad for your prospective customers, it is advisable you’re specific with your geographic area for the audience you’re targeting. (Please don’t forget to change the location from USA to your preferred state, lol… have heard of cases where people forgot to do so)

location targeting3 SELECT YOUR DEMOGRAPHY

Facebook also gives you the ability to target ads directly to consumers according to their precise location is an invaluable tool for marketers. But it’s not quite enough.

If you want to maximize the ROI, you need to look beyond location targeting isn’t enough, you need to look at demographic

Demographics helps you to be more precise with whom you target your ads to, you’ll want to choose one of the other Facebook ad types, the most versatile of which is Boost Your Posts. This is because anything within reason can be incorporated into a post: discounts, address,

Regardless of the ad type you choose, begin by selecting the location, age range, and gender you want to target. Then narrow down into the demographics you want to target, such as education, income, interests, hobbies, and behaviors.

interest targetingIf you’re not sure of what to type, click Browse. You can then explore the different demographics, interests, and behaviors that are available to you.

You could select multiple options here. However, the default setting is to INCLUDE People who match at Least one of the Following. This means you’ll target anyone who matches any one of your targeting options, and each targeting option you select will expand your audience.

4 Edit placements

As you already know, Facebook acquired Instagram a while back and extended its Ads API to cover the network. So another thing to keep in mind is that by default, Facebook ads also show up on Instagram. You can select / deselect to show Instagram only ads, Facebook only ads or a mixture of both. You can also select to use one or both ad unit options on Facebook itself. Checkout our beginners guide to Facebook advertising for more details.

facebook placementsAs a brick and mortar business it makes a lot of sense to limit the reach of your ads to people within a reasonable distance around your location. This applies whether you’re boosting a post, promoting your page, or trying to send people to your website. Like I said in my last post, once you’ve had a chance to practice and play around with Facebook ads, you’ll see that it’s a very useful tool for all marketers, small and large businesses.

Have you tried out Facebook ads in the past? Let us know what experience has been like in the comment box below