New post options seen on Facebook Business pages


Facebook is one of those platforms that are constantly changing. Updates every now and again help both consumers and brands be the best of themselves. And so it isn’t entirely shocking that the Facebook Pages platform has now been updated to provide even better post options. While I’m not entirely sure when this came out, I only just saw it today. And while I think this is mostly a UI change because they’re not all unique, I think it’s a good way to point out the page features.

We’d quickly run through a few of the new post options here.

First, an overview of post options

Facebook new posting options


From a quick overview, we see that we now have 8 options to customize Facebook posts made from the business page. This would be 7 if we exclude the more obvious “advertise your business” option. Which I think is also a great way for them to subtly sell paid advertising. We’d quickly run through all of them to see their benefits

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The new Facebook posting options

The share a photo option has always been in use, so I guess there’s no need for a formal introduction there. Basically brands can select photos to post on Facebook, which is usually much better than plain text on an average.

Get Signups

Facebook signup

This post option lets you add a CTA button directly on your post. Which makes sense if you wanted to run a lead generation campaign (organically). The image is also editable as the current image selection is simply the page’s current cover photo.

Get phone calls

Add a CTA to your posts with a direct phone number you want your customers to call. I think this is super useful for SMEs and service providers. And there are really a lot of ways this could be used. Call toll free support, call to order, first to call wins a prize… soo many things *phew*

Get messages

The Facebook messenger platform seems to have been overlooked so far by brands. And I’m hoping that over the next few weeks, we’d be able to do a proper series on its usage. But basically this option lets you have customers send you a message on Messenger. Imagine an NGO supporting the fight against cancer for example. Put up a (hopefully) viral image/video with the CTA chat with us for free consultations… quite straightforward.

The last three options are things that are familiar to us, so I doubt they need explanation. But hopefully, this has shed some light on extra stuff you can do as a brand or an advertiser on your managed Facebook pages.

Do you think this change will have a major impact on brand messaging on Facebook? Especially given the level of quality we’ve seen on local brand pages so far? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below