Marketing for Beginners: Get started with LinkedIn for Business


If you’re looking for a resource guide to LinkedIn marketing, this post might be for you.

LinkedIn is a free, business-focused networking platform built to replicate the real-life process of word-of-mouth introductions between trusted contacts solely for professional purposes.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 433 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe. It emphasizes trust and collects a lot of professional and personal details, LinkedIn is also used as a recruitment tool

Why should your company/brand be on LinkedIn?

This is the only online professional platform that encourages career pathways with its recruitment tool and previous job background for users. So it’s wise to get signed up yourself and your brand, to establish a basic presence and connections for your business. This is also a good place to employ specialist for your company.

LinkedIn aids at reinforcing trust, because LinkedIn reflects how business contacts tend to be formed, shows you background history on career and also helps with relationships through connections and mutual contacts

How to create a profile for your brand on LinkedIn

  • Once you have a LinkedIn profile for yourself, you can create a LinkedIn page for your business. (Just like Facebook)
  • To do this, make sure you’re signed in, then visit the create company pagecreate business page screenshots 2
  • Much like when you created your individual profile, you will ask for some basic details about your company.

business details

  • When you enter your company name, sometimes you find that LinkedIn has already created a page for your company automatically. If so, complete a form to have access to the page.
  • Provide as much detail about your company as you can. Also, include the company name, a brief description, fill in the appropriate information for options like business size, website address, details of your company address (es), phone number and other contact information.

complete profile

It is advisable to use the same profile picture you have on all your social media platforms.

Your profile is the first thing anybody looks at when they come across your brand account on LinkedIn. A complete profile shows you’re actively participating in the LinkedIn Lifestyle.

How to build your brand on LinkedIn

Keep in mind that featuring and engaging with relevant LinkedIn pages on your business page can help make connections.

Stay active and involved on LinkedIn

Publish content on LinkedIn to show your audience you follow the trends in your professional field or course, and show the world what you care about. Once you begin to publish on the LinkedIn, you’ll quickly see an increase in your profile views. Posting interesting articles, updates and comment can also encourage people to follow your brand on LinkedIn.

Associated with the right brands and groups

With LinkedIn, getting enlightened and informed is the way forward. To put your brand out there on LinkedIn, design a feed that keeps your brand in the know. All you have to do is follow the right people, influencers and topics that matter most to your brand.

Create a LinkedIn Group

Don’t just comment on posts, contribute; share your thoughts on topics in your field.  Article shares can help marketers find, join and use the your LinkedIn Group.


When you join LinkedIn, you’re joining a network looking to engage, interact, educate and swap ideas. Your brand is not just joining a social network where all you do is like a photos; you’re joining a community of professionals with adequate knowledge about their area of specialization and are simultaneously providing value and seeking news and innovations. They expect you to also participate. So join the conversation.