Manage Facebook, Instagram & Messenger communication in one app


For most social media managers, managing cross platform communication is a struggle. I know because I sit next to one all day. Miss a message and you could have a PR disaster by morning. And so these hard working individuals need to check every platform every time, which is time consuming.

However, that’s about to end, at least with 3 platforms. With the new release of the Pages Manager app, you can now seamlessly communicate with fans on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Saving you tons of time and energy switching between platforms.

Facebook, Instagram & messenger inboxes

You can reply to Facebook interactions and Instagram comments directly from the updated inbox. Simply tap on the content you want to answer and reply like illustrated below.

reply to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger comments

Using the updated Inbox

Getting started with the updated inbox is quite easy. Simply follow the illustrated steps below.

getting started with Pages Manager


You can also get basic profile information of your customers. Just tap on the customer and see any publicly available information before responding! This will easily give you more context on how best to respond to each case.

I think this is a great addition for most social media managers. It also helps SME owners consolidate support to just one app. Sweet isn’t it? Download the app for iOS and Android.

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