6 tips to engage your online community with your content


As a community manager and social media marketer, your major goal is to increase likes, shares and social engagements using different kinds of content. The higher the engagement, the bigger the chance of connecting with targeted audiences that convert as leads or sales.

Looking for ways to spark your engagement? Try out the following tips in the next few days and watch out for their effects.

#Tip 1: Create engaging content

In 2012, Facebook conducted an internal survey to discover topics that generate most engagement. The type of content that these brands were creating was put into one of three buckets:

  • Content that directly promotes the brand, like an ecommerce brand saying “this weekend we’re giving 100% cashback on all transactions, tell a friend’!
  • Content related to the brand but not about the brand, such as “The thing I dread the most about online shopping is______”
  • And content unrelated to the brand, for example, “Thank God it’s Friday! Let’s play another round of ‪#‎WouldYouRather! Given two choices, would you rather… Marry for Money or love”?

Facebook found that the content that had the best engagement for brands was content related to the brand but not about the brand. The reason is that this type of content is focused on your customers, not your brand. So if you want to be more engaging, don’t focus strictly on promoting your brand. Instead create customer-centric content that your target audience can relate with.

#Tip 2: Respond to the people that engage with your post

I got this tip from my boss, if someone tries to engage with your brand on social media, make every attempt to interact back. Ask questions, tell them thank you, and acknowledge them for contributing. Don’t just RT and move on to the next tweet. Engage with those who want to engage with your brand to get them to be constant contributors.

#TIP 3: Create engaging Like vs Share post

Everybody likes to feel important, giving your community an opportunity to hear and accept their opinion even if it just involves making a choice between two options from your post can win their hearts.

#Tip 4: Run a fan contest

Everyone loves a good contest, Contest appeals to an online community and gives a good sense of engagement in most cases.  A little tip to make your contest campaign go viral is by going through a User Generated Content (UGC) route on social media.  UGC is any form of content such as (images, tweets, chats, audio etc) contributed by your online community. Chivas Regal, a Nigerian alcoholic brand under Pernod Ricard group did a good one on Father’s day.

#Tip 5: Reminisce with your target audience with a good old content

Share good old pictures or contents your community can relate and engagement with. You could use a caption asking if they remember these moments in their lives. I definitely can relate to the content GTCrea8 put up on their twitter page.

#TIP 6: Join the trend

It’s healthy for your brand to join online conversations that wouldn’t stain your brand. The Nigerian football team arrived late for their match with Japan which was also the first soccer match at the Olympics games Rio 2016.  This topic was trending on twitter in Nigeria, and UpInTheSky, an advertising agency contributed to this topic with their instagram post.

Show UP, Turn UP. #NGRJPN #dreamteam #tgif #flightteam #upinthesky

A photo posted by Up In The Sky (@upintheskyng) on


 Final thoughts

Social media basically is all about storytelling and building relationships. It’s your job as a social media marketer or community manager to recognize the importance your customers and audience play in developing a thorough, accurate, and engaging story on your platform. It’s also a great opportunity for users to connect and get involved with your brand, making them feel significantly recognized and special.

What’s your special tip on generating engaging content with your social media community? Let us know in the comments box below.