Content Marketing tools to make your work easier


Content marketing is fast becoming standard practice. It can be all too easy to focus solely on results when you’re working on your digital campaigns. But without the right tools to source and track your content, you’ll be heading down the drain and expending unnecessary resources.

We have drawn up some top Content Marketing tools that you should be using to boost the performance of your campaigns.


buzz sumo


Buzzsumo is an effective tool for knowing which online outlets are talking about topics most relevant to your business. It’s perfect for checking how your content is performing. Just enter the URL of the content into the search bar and you’ll see the social shares it’s acquired. You can also view the backlinks that the content has acquired or that of your client.

It saves a huge amount of time spent on trying to find targeted articles to contribute to. It can also be used when creating your Content Marketing strategy. Type your chosen topic into the search bar and you’re instantly shown the existing content that’s out there. This shows what is and isn’t working and will hopefully inspire you to create something even better now that you’re armed with information on how to make it more effective.



Copyscape is best for fighting plagiarism; making duplicate content a thing of the past. You buy credits, depending on your budget. Then simply copy and paste the content you want to check into the text field. Next, click ‘Search Private + Internet’. This clever piece of tech will instantly identify any lines of text that have been duplicated and provides their location. What’s more, you can also compare the two versions of the content.

This is great for checking if your content has been scraped so that you can proactively work to prevent a Google penalty for duplication. A trap many Content Marketers fall into is unintentional plagiarism. It’s all too easy to read a piece online when researching for your own work, only for the odd line or phrase to accidently wheedle its way in. Copyscape helps to eradicate these instances and ensure that your content is 100% unique.



Ahrefs is a wonderful resource for Content Marketers. You can use the ‘Content Explorer’ to search for a topic relevant to yours. It then shows you a list of content that has gained the most social shares. This effectively allows you get into the mind of your proposed audience. You can see their behavioral patterns when they come across different stuff online and then use this to boost your marketing strategy. Ahrefs is also a brilliant tool to use when news jacking. Again by typing in topics relevant to your client, you can see the posts out there that you could potentially add a comment to. You can also filter by date and location to make your search more refined.


Hootsuite content platform


Hootsuite isn’t just a social media scheduling software. It’s also an aggregator tool, making it an essential tool for Content Marketers. You can add a whole host of social media platforms to the software and assign each one its own tab. That way you can keep up-to-date with all your social platforms in one place.

Hootsuite provides you with the capability to add streams to your dashboards. This way you can keep tabs on not only the latest industry updates, but also your social media activity and interaction. This is perfect for analysing how a social media campaign is performing, for example tracking a hashtag connected with a competition.

These are just a few Content Marketing tools that have worked wonders. Have you used an effective tool that hasn’t made it onto our list? Tell us about them below!



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