8 Brands In Nigeria Using Instagram to Showcase Products the Right Way


Over the last couple of years, brands are learnt the effect on social media in the sustenance of their business. Also they are learning everyday how to get better at it. While some are catching up really fast others are playing catch up, doing what others have done and playing safe while others are taking bigger risk which over time has been working for them.

A lot of Nigerian brands still fall in the catch up category of social media marketing, doing things other brands have done and in most cases waiting till one brand tries it before they do the same. While others are waiting, there are a couple of Nigerian brands that are doing it better than the others. Top 10 on my list are:

1. GTBank

Basically, GTB dominates the social platform on the Nigerian finance sector. No other financial brand does social media as well as they do it. For GTB the mantra is consistency. Even when they have no campaign running they try as much as possible to use the platform as a source of information, entertainment and subtle products promotion.

2. Dooney’s Kitchen

Ok, you don’t have to like food to follow Donney’s Kitchen. You just have to be human and be Nigerian who eats (we all eat to survive). The brand posts images of really sumptuous homemade meals. Behind all of this she runs a catering service but that’s not the focus on the platform. The focus is to show you all of her skill set. She doesn’t need to tell you to call her for services, you have to initiate contact. Now that is good marketing when your customers have to look for you not the other way round.

3. So Fresh

This brand understands the power of great visuals; which is what the platform is about.  But So Fresh does Instagram marketing with a twist. The business is itself is latching on to the trend of healthy living (suddenly Nigerians are living, eating and doing everything healthy) and they do it so well. What’s social media marketing without influencers? They try not to make the page boring by posting images of different combination of their meals and fresh (as the name implies) but occasionally they throw in a little bit of influencer marketing without rubbing it in. Sending surprise meals to artist during their studio sessions, or just an influencer gushing about how good & healthy the meals are without writing an address or contact info all they do is tag and mention the page. Naturally you’ll be convinced when you get to the page and see other quality and refreshing images.

4. Don Jazzy

Yes! Don Jazzy. When I was writing this my colleagues asked if Don Jazzy is a brand and we are argued for long and eventually agreed he has a personal brand. Well he has gone from being just an entertainer to a brand. He is a brand that promotes brand. He single headedly shut down MTN’s #Itswhoweare campaign in May (the campaign started in twitter and found its way to Instagram because people needed to express who they are in more than 140 characters. In less than 2 hours the campaign had garnered over 28Million impressions. He just doesn’t sing and produce music, he lets his consumers in this case fans into his life; the funny side of him (Judge Jazzy series amongst many other skits). He develops content all the time even if there is no story to tell.

Thanks to @wovenblends for dinner. Check out her page to order lovely naija meals when u in ATL. ?? #PinkGang

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5. Fashion Designers

Well this is a big classification, but a lot of them are using this platform so well it’s hard to pick out which one does it best. They immerse their fans into their world literally. They show their craft from start to finish (production process).  Fashion designers like April by Kunbi, Mai Atafo, Yomi Casuals, Toju Foyeh and many more have taken the fashion scene in Nigeria to a whole new level and they do this by constantly displaying their visual works on Instagram. They also use influencer marketing by showcasing their outfits on popular celebrities and have them promote their brand on social media.

6. Photographers

I mean the platform was designed with them in mind and yes I grouped them all together too. Great, good and magical shots; that’s what they live for so why not showcase it on their ‘own’ platform. Bayo Omoboriowo got a political appointment by just showcasing their good work on this platform, he became the official photographer for the president. Others dint let that slow them down instead it became a silent competition.  Photographers like TY Bello, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Prince Mayson, Jide Odukoya to mention a few have set the standard so high. It’s no longer just about taking great pictures but also engaging your audience and making them feel like a part of your inspiration or success.

7.Cold Stone

Nothing but absolutely stunning images of Cold Stone ice cream in various sizes and toppings. They will definitely make you crave in this diet conscious community, you literally find yourself wanting one just be looking at one of their images and discount offers on Instagram. They not only post images of treats but they offer special discounts, timed promo, store locations and freebies on the platform.

After I got my first Cold Stone Ice cream ……I was hooked!!!!! #hookedoncoldstone

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8. Style Pantry

With close to 450k followers on Instagram, StylePantry stands out among all fashion retail brands. Notice the level of quality on every single post put up on the Instagram page?

Fitted Denim x Tulip Front Slit Skirt. Link in bio for outfit details…

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Note; one thing they all have in common is great, high-quality images. That’s the start point of building a solid brand on Instagram.

P.S: Instagram is not a game of numbers. It is in depth analysis and strategy. Having a million followers doesn’t yield a million sales, if you don’t say the right things.

I am sure there are still more brands in Nigeria doing justice to their Instagram pages. lnow any? Share with us by commenting below.