10 tips to successful marketing on social media for brands

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Using social media to build your company’s business is a challenging but important task. And it becomes even more difficult when you think you will manage it just like you manage your personal account. It’s quite different because you are not just trying to keep yourself and your friends entertained. As a business you have to keep your audience i.e. your followers not only interested, but also get leads which hopefully lead to conversions.

Are you thinking of marketing your brand on social media? Or have you had little or no success with your marketing efforts? Here are 10 tips that would increase your marketing success on social media

Have a plan for each channel 

Planning is the key. Predict the future, create content for each platform ahead of posting. For a business just starting out, its best to stay within four (4) platforms which may be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You might want to choose other networks based on your target audience. Bigger brands should be on more platforms so as to get the attention of their target audience on more platforms. Also your plan should include the following:

  • Type of content
  • Frequency of post
  • Time of post
  • Clear call to action

Without proper planning failure is inevitable, you find out your contents don’t have a particular direction also what goes where

Create a social media calendar 

If you post twice a week (which is not advisable, it is recommended you post at least 4 or 5 times a week), then make sure you stick to that. Not posting means you are not available. Not being available is bad for business. Posting once or twice a day on Facebook and Instagram is fine, as anything more than that could make you constitute a nuisance on these platforms. But tweeting once a day is a no no.

The average shelf life of a tweet is less than 30mins. That means your tweets get lost in a pool of millions of people tweeting every hour.  Marketing is finding creative ways to sell an idea or product, so it’s time to put your marketing skill to test on Twitter. Tweet as often as possible without boring people or just flooding their timeline unnecessarily.

Relevant content – More Pictures, Graphics and Video Content

Sometimes social media marketing doesn’t lead to immediate conversions, but creates top of the mind awareness at the consumer’s moment of purchase, weather online or offline. So ensure your content is relevant enough to keep them interested even if they’re not buying at the time, and great enough to share with their friend. Thereby increasing your reach, all because of great content. People don’t like to read much, besides there is so much to read lately, so go big on visuals. Story telling images, infographics, GIF’s and/or videos. These are the things people like to see and share on social media. Check out this funny tweet from Zappos for example

Use a social media management tool

You need a social media management tool for tracking, monitoring, listening, reporting and scheduling. There a lot of tools out there that has the entire package in one. Some are Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, AgoraPulse and so on. As an individual, managing your social platform from your phone is pretty convenient. But for business you need to make strategic moves and decisions, so it goes beyond syncing your pages to your phone.

These tools let you track and monitor the activities of your page in real time, see what you competitions are doing better, schedule your posts, and most importantly reporting. Careful analysis of this report at the end of the week or end of the month helps you make decisions on how to improve your social media marketing. Usually the report consist of insights like who your audience are, what time and type of post people engage with the most, what time people are most likely to see your post and so on.

Respond to ALL Comments, Suggestions and Inquiries

“Learn to listen more than you talk!” This also applies to social media marketing. The idea of social media goes beyond just telling people you offer some type of goods or services. It includes inquiry, complaints and general customer service. So you have to be readily available to answer questions, and be a part of the conversation you started. Here’s @myzoto responding to an app review on the Playstore

Gain insights to your audience 

Now this is very tricky. Some brands get lost or caught up fighting to grow their numbers on social media platforms and forget to check if the audience they are gathering are relevant to the business or not. What’s the percentage of quality leads can you get from your large pool of social media followers? What’s the rate of interaction when you post organically? Take a female clothing store with a total of 100K followers. If, based on insights, it has 80% male followers and 20% female. This clothing store probably has a high number of a wrongly targeted audience. Unless all these guys shop there for their girlfriends presents 😉

Tailor your content according to specific social media channels

Social platforms have unwritten guidebooks. For example:
Only use hashtags where necessary.
Instagram is a visual platform which works best with as little text as possible called captions.
Don’t write an epistle when you could have written a one liner and included a few hashtags.
Don’t use bit.ly link in between updates copies on Instagram because it can’t click out…

These are just a few of many. Be sure to see how the best brands create their social media content.

Put extra effort in marketing your brand

That’s why you signed up on the platform in the first place, to increase sales. So don’t be scared to sell. In as much as you have to keep your page informative fun and engaging, you should also come out bold to market your goods and services. 40% of your post should be selling them one variant of your product or the other. Engagement, information and fun content would share the other 60% of your content; this will create a good balance. Ensure your sales post have a clear call to action.

Give out special discounts

This works both ways. It grows your numbers with potential audience and boosts sales. ‘Social media only’ discount codes and offers give a sense of appreciation to consumers and it works all the time. There are different types of contests, promotions, sweep stakes and giveaways you can offer, but the important thing to keep in mind is to make them brand specific.

Involve your team mates 

Grant access to your page to trusted and efficient members of the team. This takes the pressure off one person and also increases response rates generally. Which means any of your team members available can respond to comments and messages as opposed to waiting for just one person who is responsible for social media. A specialist might handle content creation, promotions and other aspects but responses on a brand’s page is best done as a group.

Social media is one of the fastest growing online marketing channels, businesses and marketers should learn to leverage on the channels which would  deliver better awareness and increase sale for their business. Start with a little update, a tweet, a post and just let it grow from there.

Have you ever tried marketing your business on social media? Share your experience with us! And if you think we missed out on any tip, let us know in the comment box below