Why Unhappy Customers Are One of Your Most Valuable Resources


Unhappy customers can be of great value to your business. To have Happy customers or clients is a very important factor or metric for the success of your business. Happy customers patronize your business and they work as influencers and advocates for your brand. Their testimonials and reviews also go a long way. It gives your business the social proof, trust and relevance it needs in a highly competitive market. When your customers are happy they remain loyal, which is very valuable for your business in terms of awareness and sales yielding to a high revenue turn over.

It’s quite obvious that happy satisfied customers is what increases sales and keeps your business on track. But what about the other guys, the unhappy customers 🙁 who necessarily don’t think your product or brand is so fantastic. Well believe it or not, unhappy customers are equally as useful and valuable for the growth and success of your business.

One thing to keep in mind about these unhappy customers is that they’re unhappy because you let them down. Think back to when you were little, there some uncles and aunts that came by the house and you didn’t expect jack shit. So you were never let down when they came empty handed. But that one uncle that always brought candy and biscuits was the most memorable. And you were probably really excited when you heard he’d be passing by. And on the days he came empty, you didn’t even remember that he probably brought you a ton of free stuff last week, you felt let down.

That;s exactly the same way to think about unhappy customers. The guy who expresses deep dissatisfaction was expecting a lot more from you. Which is a good thing. Because immediately you show him he was right all along, he starts to sing praises for your brand.

Unhappy customers play one of the most critical roles in the success or total ruin of a business. However when unsatisfied or unhappy customers are properly attended to and managed, a large percentage of these sects turn out to be extremely valuable to your business. Here are some ways unhappy customers can make your business even better

1. Unhappy customers provide you with honest insight on how your business can improve.

Don’t let the criticism and negative feedback weigh you down. One way to stay relevant in a highly competitive business world is to continually innovate and focus your change on things that cater to your customers need. The feedback gives you real insights on how to improve your products and services. Some spark up innovative ideas which can be game changers for your business. Also, data collated from customer feedback can be used to make important decisions to spur the growth of your business.

*Note if many of your customers are complaining about the same things, you should quickly do something about it.

2. Unhappy customers provides you with an opportunity to improve your customer service skills

If you’re a business owner, there’s one thing I’m certain you’ve experienced. You would at some point have a disgruntled customer who swears heaven and earth not to use your product again, and promises to give you bad PR. Now, how do you deal with this kind of angry customer?

Most businesses just choose to ignore out of not knowing what to say or do which is really dangerous if the customer really keeps to his word to escalate. Anytime a customer offers you negative feedback, it’s an opportunity to turn that negative experience into a positive one. I must say, it is easier said than done,  but it’s also going to be a learning process for your business’ customer service team.  Put practices and processes in place to deal with the these kinds of customers, this would give you an impressive customer care culture that shines.

*The key to calming angry customers is to let them know you’re on their side. If you just listen to the customer and calmly explain the problem and solution, you’d be shocked that most of them apologize for their outburst. We’re all humans in the end, we’re not wired to be rude to one another, we just need to be sure that the person on the other end of the line understands out pain.

3. Unhappy customers help you manage and improve your reputation online

An angry or unsatisfied customer is sure to go on social media or review and feedback forums to vent. When you tools like Google alert to get notified of feedback like this, take the time to reach out to customer on these forums. If you do, other online users know your brand takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Also go a step further to reach out to the customer personally, i.e outside of the forum and make sure you go beyond fixing their problems, offer discounts and offers they cannot decline, give them free tickets to shows and events. Or just have drinks.

Anything to show your business is really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your customer service effort would go a long way in this world of social virility, everyone would see, including potential and future customer.

In Conclusion

*I remember one case at a logistics company in Nigeria where a guy ordered for his engagement ring from the US. The company’s job was simple, get the ring in before D-Day. But customs operations can be disappointing. The delivery got delayed and he didn’t have a ring hours before the proposal was to be made.

The customer service team at this company took it on themselves to salvage the situation. They personally  ensured that the item came out quickly from the customs office same day, stayed back at work till about 8PM to sort out items received and get the ring. Then took it to the venue of the event, all without management’s knowledge. That’s going above and beyond for your customer

It’s almost inevitable for a business to have  no negative feedback from unhappy customers. But every negative situation can be worked out to become useful for your business, take advantage of the feedback, renovate and keep getting better.

Have you had a good experience with any Nigerian customer service team? Let us know in the comment box below.