Understanding partnerships that matter: UBER Nigeria & Nuli Juice


PHOTO CREDIT: www.naijamadeeasy.com

This is a multifaceted post that I intend to use to touch on brand affinity & perception, the power of social/viral content and business partnerships. Stay with me ☺

So, last week, a rising SME; Nuli Juice, who had only just opened a store in Ikoyi couple of weeks ago, shared a harrowing video on their Instagram page showing policemen and local government officials standing around waiting to demolish the shops on the street (including theirs).

In the wake of this, UBER Nigeria did this:

Here are quick take outs from this effort:

Brand Affinity & Perception:

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos

Amongst the many elements that determine the success and thriving of any brand, is how likable it is. If your brand were human, would people flock around to say hi and sit down to have a quick chat?

While social media is now one of the easiest ways to build your brand, there’s a general misconception that it is enough to make you likable. But it’s not.

Building likability for your brand should focus on four critical elements:

  • Realness: this guarantees your authenticity
  • Friendliness: communicate liking and openness to your customers
  • Relevance: connect with their interests, wants, and needs
  • Empathy: recognize, acknowledge, and experience their feelings

UBER Nigeria really just got more likable for this one post. Really. And it’s fair to say that if you did a survey on brand perception before and after this post, you’d see a hike in positive sentiments.

The Power of Social/Viral Content

The ability for any form of content to go viral is hinged on its trigger, that thing that gets people talking. In addition to that, emotion is on factor that drives sharing. Nuli Juice sharing their distress on social media brought the following:

  • Caused the video to go viral because it fired up anger with people which caused them to share
  • Unfettered brand awareness to Nuli Juice based on the earned media generated from the virality of their shared content (I, for one, didn’t know them till now)
  • Empathy and likability to the brand because their distress brought an human element to the business
  • Most probabaly birthed a new army of loyalists who would be willing to fight for the brand till it’s back on its feet again

Business Partnerships

UBER Nigeria’s partnership with Nuli Juice is quite a beautiful win-win, why;

  • They’ve both marketed to new customers who would most likely convert – the sect of Nuli Juice’s loyalists who don’t have or use the UBER app and the sect of UBER Nigeria’s loyalists who have never had anything from Nuli Juice (and are probably on the fitfam movement)
  • In a way, this also reinforms people that UBER can be used strictly for deliveries as well.

From these takeouts, as an SME, it’s important to:

  1. Create and build your brand like it’s a person and you want her to be likable. This ranges from customer service to packaging and importantly; communication on social media. It’ll go a long way in helping with gaining loyal customers.
  2. Give your content a human touch; a video showing random activities about the brand in a day or what happens before delivery. Anything that simply fosters a seeming personal relationship between the audiences and your brand.
  3. Look for partnerships that your brand can pull influrnce from and still give a brand benefit in return.

Are there any extra tips you can pull out from this fusion? Let me know in the comment section below!