Its travel season! 4 ways travel agencies can get more clients

A warm sunset seen in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Getty Images
Even with the crazy dollar exchange rates and harsh economy downturns, Nigerians will still travel out for the holidays, its just a fact, might be less than usual, but we still have to see the world right?

With the season also comes more business for travel agencies, then the real question becomes “How do I get more customers this year?”. If you’re asking yourself the same question, you’ve come to the right place, we’re going to explore the quick ways you can get customers in the next few weeks as a travel agency. Lets dive deep.

Get testimonials from previous customers

Nothing sells like social proof. If agency A publicly says it has served over 10,000 Nigerians and helped them get to over 100 travel destinations with smiley happy faces of 100 of those 10,000 customers at places like Seychelles, New York, Zanzibar, Dubai… (you catch my drift), it will likely get more attention than agency B who never mentions it – even though agency B might have done more than that.

Be sure to ask your customers to show their appreciation of your good service by sending in written or video testimonials, including pictures, that you can put up on your website or social media page.

Reach out to existing customers

If you read our post on getting better results from SMS marketing, you probably already know that you should be collecting your customers phone numbers, and also their email addresses, for marketing purposes. As a travel agency, this should be done by default considering you need these details to get your client’s flight schedule in the first place. Be sure your existing users know about ongoing promotional offers by sending out emails and SMS messages regularly to them, and like we always say, segment those messages to make them more relevant.

Run a referral program if you can

One of the easiest ways to get high converting users is to ask already converted users to refer their friends. Think about it, if I travel to UK often for summer vacations, there’s every likelihood that my friends do same, and if I can sell your business to them, I can almost guarantee that you’d be getting customers from them too.

Referral programs can come in multiple forms, think about the best way to reward your customers for referring friends.

Get customers from Facebook & Instagram

Because the travel industry is a very visual one, my best platforms for advertising in this industry are Facebook and Instagram. These platforms also give you extensive demographic segmentation, which helps you as an advertiser reach out to the right set of people.

Here’s an example of a travel ad on Facebook by a foreign brand.



Notice how they use images to sell the experience?

There are certainly more ways to get customers as a travel agency, leave a comment in the comment box below to tell us what you do.