Marketing for Beginners – PPC (Pay Per Click) Part 1

Posted by Wunmi Akinfemiwa | August 25, 2016 | Search Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Agency Tips, SME Tips
ppc part 1

Introduction to paid advertising.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s simply a means of online advertising that charges you each time a potential customer clicks on your ad, just as the term implies. So, essentially, it’s a means of buying visits to your site, App, YouTube channel, Facebook page and whatever landing page you choose to use.

Now that we’ve gotten the definition out of the way, lets delve a little deeper.

There are multiple forms of PPC Advertising, but they are commonly classified into 2.

  • Search Engine Ads.
  • Display Advertising.

Search Engine Ads

So you know those search results that come up first when you put in a search query on Google? Those ones that are usually short and have a yellow (now green) “Ad” beside them, those are search Ads. It uses texts to advertise to customers. And is usually charged primarily on a CPC basis. (Cost Per Click). A lot goes into creating these kinds of Ads and it can be a great way of driving traffic to your site, selling a product and even growing ROI. It is most effective because you’re reaching the exact right people at the exact right time. It’s exciting, believe me! We would look into this later on.

Display Ads

Display Ads uses graphic Images/banner ads to advertise as opposed to text. So you’re trying to get customers to see the products you have for sale or your services you have to offer, they aren’t actually searching for it, display advertising is your best bet. Display Ads are primarily charged on the CPM basis and are displayed on the Display Networks: A collection of website, blogs, Apps that allow banner ads.

There are a number of platforms used to create and manage PPC ads, However, Google is king, Google is Queen. Google rules the entire digital advertising kingdom via an advertising system called Google Adwords.

Next up, we’d be looking into what it takes to launch and manage a PPC campaign that actually generates you ROI.

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Wunmi Akinfemiwa
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Wunmi is a digital marketing expert with years of experience managing PPC campaigns across multiple brands.

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