Advertise on YouTube search on mobile: YouTube Discovery Ads


If you’re familiar with YouTube advertising, you probably already know YouTube TrueView ads, and if you’re not, you’ve at least seen the skipable ads that show up for 5 seconds when you watch videos on YouTube, that used to be called YouTube TrueView ads, but with recent changes to the technology and a new focus on mobile, Google is renaming the ad format to YouTube TrueView Discovery Ads.

To win over users who are choosing which video to watch, we built TrueView discovery ads (formerly known as TrueView in-display) – a format tailored specifically to helping users discover your brand content. – Google AdWords Blog



Seems really straightforward right? And it is!

So what are TruView Discovery Ads

To put this simply, TrueView Discovery ads become a more integrated part of the YouTube search process, providing more brand relevance and increasing engagement by reasonable amounts. One brand saw a 20% increase in channel subscriptions and over 600,000 organic views from their paid advertising.

So say you’re a makeup brand, and you have a good video to promote on YouTube, using the TrueView Discovery ads, you can reach customers looking for how to properly use brushes and eye pencils and stuff like that…

Here’s a short video explaining the new TrueView format

How have you used YouTube so far? Do you thin this will be a huge improvement for you and your brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below