Apparently you can buy humans on KongaPay, hehehe


I’m a sucker for tech, and if you go through all my posts, both here and on my website, you’d see that it comes through in what I say. This weird love drives me to constantly check on all the “techy” products around. I remember when Jumia and Konga started out, Jumia being Sabunta and Kasuwa back then. I had setup Hootsuite searches to notify me when someone mentioned any of these brands and boy did I get a kick out of it. But we’ve come a long way now, ecommerce is sorted for the most part.

Back to KongaPay

So what happened with KongaPay? I needed to help pay for a friend’s ISP service. And seeing as I was too lazy to pickup a new card from GTB, I couldn’t pay with my expired card. Natural first thought was KongaPay. At least as at the last time I used it I could pay from my bank.

So I set off to search for “KongaPay Smile” and I got a weird mix of results as expected.

search result

But I got this as the first result and decided to click through. In truth, I missed the news that KongaPay also had an mcommerce arm. I guess I don’t read techcabal that much anymore.

The real surprise came when I saw a product that said “Buy Sola”

buy sola on KongaPay

And Sola only costs 10 bucks! I almost rolled off my bed in laughter man. I’m sure the security guy outside thought I was running mad. And what fueled the laughter a bit more was the product just below. A pen that costs 20 bucks! I could swap that pen for Sola and get change 😀

Jokes aside though. I wonder what the plan is for the KongaPay mcommerce platform. If people can sell humans on it, would it turn out to be another renting nannies online case? Is someone supposed to oversee this process? Can I actually buy Sola?

My KongaPay account is having issues 🙁 so I can’t try buying? Can anyone else try this and let me know if he comes in a delivery box? You can buy Sola by scanning this QR code

Guess every journey starts with the first wobbly steps. I love Konga by the way, so not like I have hard feelings, I just couldn’t hold the laughter. Don’t forget to let me know if you’re able to buy Sola