Google Analytics is getting a complete makeover


For those of us who are “not so new” to Google Analytics, we’ve always seen some of its flaws. I’ve used the platform for over 4 years now, and I always secretly wished it looked a little better. And acted better too. With almost 40 accounts tied to my mail, my biggest frustration is always when I log in, then you’d have to scroll through all these account to find just the one.

But Google Analytics, GA, as most of us have come to call it, is getting an overhaul. One of the first things being the new Material Design approach. Which is now mostly a standard with all Google UI. It is important to note though that key functionality still stays the same. The only changes we’d be seeing are design related. Lets get into them

Renewed, simpler navigation

Using Material Design standards, the top navigation menu (Home, Reporting, Customization, Admin) has been taken out. The Admin bar is now pinned at the bottom, and the left pane is now re-sizable so you can get more space on the canvas.

New Google Analytics navigation


Better switching between views

This one already kicked in (on my account at least, not sure if it’s a full roll-out). Before now, you had to go all the way back home then select a different property you wanted to view. But recently, I noticed you could now do that from anywhere on Google Analytics. Simply by clicking on the top left of the page

Easier view switching in Google Analytics


Log into your last viewed profile

Like I mentioned earlier, it can be a pain in the butt when you constantly have to scroll through tens of accounts to get to your most frequent. Thankfully that is changing. Now when you log into Google Analytics, the view you’re shown is your last viewed profile. Which makes all the sense in the world!

Set your own default date range

At the moment, Google shows you a 30 day data range when you get into analytics. But with the new changes, you’d now be able to set your own default date range in User Settings. The new default range has been changed from 30 days to 7 days.

Taking out a couple of pages

Intelligence events have now been removed from Google Analytics to be replaced by Automated Insights from Google Analytics Assistant. While the In-Page Analytics report has been removed from the UI too. However, you can still access in-page analytics through a dedicated Google Chrome Extension.

Those are the major changes that we’d be seeing in a few months from now. Along with other new products coming out which we should talk about here. Do you use Analytics often? What do you think of these?