Get automatic insights & suggestions with Analytics


One of the things I love the most about digital marketing is data analysis. It is the single most important factor that differentiates online from offline in my opinion. And it’s one heck of a time and money saver for brands.

In one of my many analytics classes as a trainer, I once helped a leading directory listing website solve a complex problem they couldn’t figure out. All through Google Analytics. You know when you use a search bar on an ecommerce site, there’s usually some placeholder text. Something like “type here to search”. For these guys, they tracked everything that happened on the website with Google Analytics. Including search queries happening on the website. But for a lot of their queries, the placeholder still stayed. So they saw searches like “type here to searchplumber in lagos” or “type here to searchcake delivery yaba”. You get right, the placeholder, which should have erased itself on click, still stayed.

Someone brought this up during the class and we decided to check it out. We checked for the search queries that contained the placeholder and broke it down by device. No desktop device had this issue, which meant it was a mobile problem. Further breakdowns suggested it happened on both Android and Blackberry devices. Which meant it was something that cuts across both, the browser. Turns out it was Opera Mini. The search bar used a script to clear the placeholder but this script didn’t run on some versions of Opera Mini.

That’s why my love for data analysis runs deep. A problem that lasted for over a year was figured out in a few minutes using web analytics.

But you see not everyone can be that granular and technical, sometimes as a small business you just need to know that customers are coming to your website.Which is why Google’s announcement of automated insight explorations made sense to me. Now you can download the Google Analytics app on Android and iOS and get suggestions that are performance related.

analytics-assistant-works-for-youI tried this out for the Localized Digital website and could already see some performance suggestions. Here’s how to use this feature

Go to the Google Analytics assistant tab

analytics assistant-menu

Check out automatic insights


Click on insights to get more details


And just like that, without stress or fuss, you get insights about what’s going on with your website. Try this out on yours and let me know what you think about the findings.