Facebook Blueprint Certification is now live. I scored 100% in the test

Posted by Osaze Osoba | September 7, 2016 | Social, News, Pay Per Click Marketing, Agency Tips
facebook blueprint now live

I owe this one to a Facebook connection that I can’t seem to find anymore. He shared a link to the live certifications.

Facebook’s Blueprint has always been around, I remember it as far back as 2014. Maybe I’m wrong, but I remember where I was when I read about it. To put it in a nutshell, the Blueprint program is similar to Google’s Partners program. Only that in this case, there was no certification, at least till now.

The Facebook Blueprint program has two basic certifications.

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional and
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional

But to get the certificate in any of these two, you must pass a Facebook Advertising Core Competences exam. Along with one other exam specific to your certification. You can consider the Core Competence exam to be like AdWords Fundamentals. And like Google Partners, you get a badge after successfully passing the exam

The Facebook Blueprint program is primarily a catalog of learning materials that show you how to use Facebook’s tools. This catalog also prepares you for taking the exam

Taking the Facebook Blueprint Exam

I use Facebook Ads Manager on a day to day basis. And in some cases, I’ve had to manage thousands of dollars everyday. Campaign objectives range from app installs to website conversions and in rare cases, just plain awareness. So usually when I see things like this, my first thought is “Of course I can pass this without reading”

So I jumped into the “Schedule an exam” tab and started snooping around. I did feel like something was off immediately I saw the “schedule” word though. After much roaming around, I got to this screen. Effectively, the exam costs £50 which translates to roughly N25,000 in this FX regime. Which isn’t bad, its exactly how Google started till they figured it wasn’t worth it.

facebook blueprint certification feeWell, I wasn’t taking an exam on a whim of luck that’ll cost me 25k. So I took the “mock” exam 😛

The exam had 19 questions in it and cut across several topics. Its annoyingly similar to the Google Partners Video Advertising exam, too many English tricks going up and down. But I kept clicking at those answers and I got a 100% score! Booyah!

100 percent score Facebook BlueprintSafe to say the exam itself wouldn’t be so hard (if you’re a regular user like me). Maybe I’d be taking this exam soon, or maybe I’d just wait for Mark and his team to feel giddy enough to remove the £50 price mark.

Who knows these things.

Have you had a chance to take the Facebook Blueprint exam yet? Let us know in the comment box below

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Osaze Osoba
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Blog Comments

Unfortunately, the actual exam is very, very different from the practice exam. I’m the digital ads manager at an agency where I use Facebook Ads every day. In fact, at any given time, I manage more than a quarter million a month in ad spend. When Blueprint rolled out, I took the practice exam, without even looking at the topics or eLearning modules and received a perfect score. In an attempt to set myself (and my agency apart) I paid the fee to discover that the real exam hardly resembled the practice exam.

My advice? Don’t even bother taking the practice exam. Daily use on Facebook won’t account for deficiencies either. The test is much more an English mind game full of language traps and the same types of questions professors would write to stump their students, than a knowledge test for advertisers. The certification is probably new and rare enough to still matter (I think the Google certification is mostly a joke) but don’t assume that you can pass just because you’re an expert on the platform. Facebook doesn’t seem interested in testing that.

Osaze Osoba

Thanks for the heads up Adam!

I had decided to sponsor someone else to take the exam, but she hasn’t got around to it yet. This information changes everything. I personally hate exams where all you’re trying to figure out is the language twist, especially when its for a very technical platform.

I guess I wouldn’t be bothering with this for a while. Maybe we’d see a few revisions in the coming years that’ll make it more practical.

And I agree with you on Google, with everyone being AdWords certified now even without any knowledge of the platform, it’s become quite insignificant, I don’t look at it anymore when judging a person’s experience level.

I guess we’d watch and wait for a better yardstick for measuring actual technical know-how


I actually tried it and it is so bad got 50% in the mock exam; but what I need to know is what materials do I need exactly.

Its really confusing unlike adwords which is straight forward; for Facebook Advertising Core Competences exam and the Facebook Certified Planning Professional

Osaze Osoba

Thanks for the feedback Mariam.

We’re going to have someone take the exam and give live feedback on the blog about how the questions are structured. I’ve got similar feedback to this from different sources, let’s hope the exams are actually a test of skill not of proficiency in English 🙂

Has any one taken the exam yet?

Hi there! The exam is definitely quite different than the practice exams. If you are planning on taking the certification exams, I highly recommend reading this blog post: http://www.facebookblueprintcertification.com/8-tips-to-quickly-prepare-for-your-facebook-certification-exams/

I took the exam and studied that way. No sense in taking all the blueprint exams but rather spend time on things that will help you with the exams. Hope it helps!

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