Crosspost the same Facebook video across multiple pages


Most brands on Facebook have more than one active product. Take GTBank for example. They run GTBank, Ndani TV, GTCrea8 and many other brands. Up to 9 of them form my last count. What if GTBank posted a new video that it wanted to use across all these pages? Typically, that’ll mean uploading the video multiple times to different pages. Which can in the end impact the overall performance and reach of these videos.

Back in April, Facebook announced that marketers will now be able to crosspost the same video to multiple pages. This means that if the video gets 1,000 views on each of 9 pages, it’ll reflect a total viewing of 9,000 as against 1,000 on each page. Brilliant isn’t it? The only condition is that all pages be connected by the same Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 1 – Allow other pages use your video

First step to accomplishing this is to ensure that you grant permission for other pages to use your video. You set this once uploading the video on the “Permissions” tab. Be sure to toggle the Allow switch

allow other pages crosspost video on Facebook

Step 2 – Create a new post by reusing video

Once you upload your video and set the permissions right, any page within that business manager account can create a new post and reuse that video. Which means they do not need to reuplaod the video.

reuse video from business manager

Get performance insight

Once you have the video posted across multiple pages, you’d be able to look at performance results. This gives you a breakdown of performance per page and helps you determine the best performing brand channel for the video.

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