AdWords Campaign Groups: Easier Goal Tracking & Monitoring


In most cases, as an advertiser or agency, your objectives are driven by multiple AdWords campaigns. For example, if you were running ad ad to drive consideration for an ecommerce brand, you’d probably run a search campaign, display campaign and truview video campaign if a video is available.

In a lot of these cases, the trick is in properly tracking your ad objectives across all campaigns. Prior to now, we used all kinds of tricks to do this. Some advertisers label each campaign and then filter based on those labels. Other advertisers give campaigns similar names and filter by searching for the common prefix. All these can work but have their limitations.

With the introduction of AdWords campaign groups, it’s become much easier to see your targets and achievements. Here’s a screenshot of what the campaign groups look like.

adwords campaign groups

AdWords Campaign Groups

Lets assume you’re an SME owner with a busy schedule. You have a team of 5 and one member of your team handles PPC campaigns. The struggle to constantly check on your goals on AdWords can be tasking. With the AdWords campaign groups, you can group multiple campaigns and give them a common goal, say purchase conversions on your website for example.

The Campaign group gives you an overview of where you are in terms of your target. The likelihood of reaching that target and your cost till date. One thing it DOES NOT do is affect your campaign performance.

Previously I needed to export all my campaigns into a spreadsheet, group them together, and create a pivot table simply to see how they are performing. With campaign groups & performance targets, we can much more easily see how our groups are performing relative to our goals, all from within the AdWords interface.
– Oleg Monakhov, Senior Lead Generation Manager at Wrike

campaign groups

Be sure to try out the campaign groups feature in AdWords and let us know what your initial thoughts are about it.