Ever wondered what it’s like to intern with Google Nigeria?


We had the rare privilege of interviewing the outgoing 2016 Google Business Intern at the Google Nigeria offce.

One of the first things you’d notice about Taslim is his casual / fun attitude towards work, something a lot of Nigerian companies hope to incorporate into their employee culture. And looking around the Google office, you can tell that’s the same attitude everyone takes on here.

So we got down to asking some of the questions we thought you’d want answers to, and without further delay.

taslim okunola google business intern


1. How did you get into the Google Internship program? And how hard would you say the process is?

The Google Internship application is pretty straightforward. I applied and submitted my CV. Then, the recruiter reached out to me. After some back-and-forths, I did my interviews. And when I was least expecting, I got a congratulatory call from the team. And for the audience, the application for the Google Business Internship 2017 is open and you can apply here: https://goo.gl/q0QIcv

2. What part of the Google Business do you work with? And what is your daily routine like?

I work with the Large Customer Sales team. The Large Customer Sales team in Nigeria work closely with Nigeria’s biggest advertisers and agencies to develop digital solutions that build strong businesses and brands. In simple terms, we help businesses grow bigger and better. My daily routine actually looks like that of a business exec – morning coffee, meetings, interaction with clients, lunch, project work.



3. As a part of the Google Student Ambassador program, what did you do? Would you say that impacted your selection as a Google Intern?

The Google Student Ambassador program reshaped me totally. It changed the way I was thinking about my career path. The program increased my thirst for knowledge as well as my zeal to grow student talents. When I was Google Student Ambassador in the Federal University of Technology Akure, I organized various free digital marketing workshops for students. In a year, I’d trained over 400 students across various cities. The program provided me with the necessary skills and experience I needed to take on any task.



4. The perks! What are the perks like? Travelling, food, working environment… tell us about all the extra stuff that comes with working with one of the world’s most valuable companies

The best of the perks are not the free food. I think meeting very smart people is one of the best perks you get when you work at Google. I was able to meet and interact with great colleagues. This expanded my thinking around so many life concepts. By discussing with people that are way smarter than I am, I was able to learn more than I’d expect to learn.

Taslim google trip to dublin


5. Overall, what has your experience with Google been like? It’s justifiably hyped everywhere in the world, what has been that one experience you’ve had that justifies all the hype

I will answer this in one sentence: “Google has given me the best 6 months so far.”

Have questions for Taslim? Drop them in the comments box below. I’d try to ensure he keeps an eye on them and responds. But don’t be too nosy, keep them simple and non-intrusive 🙂


Osaze Osoba

Osaze Osoba

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