5 places where you can learn Digital Marketing for free


With the steady rise of online marketing in Nigeria today, more and more people try to get into the industry to learn, practice, or earn a living. And as brands decide that traditional methods of advertising aren’t enough, and they place higher demands for online media, we are gradually creating an ecosystem for both demand and supply of the online marketing skill set.

In light of this, the typical aspirant runs amok online, looking for all the best resources out there to arm them with the knowledge that they need to break into this new and exciting world of online marketing, but in most cases, we get fagged out, nothing seems to make sense and it’s all just too much information. I understand that first hand 🙂

From my few years of following the Nigerian digital space, I’ve done a lot of reading myself, both professionally with standard courses and unprofessionally on random websites and blogs, I’ve seen a lot of resources and downloaded way too many ebooks. But I’m here to save you all that stress, and if by any chance you think I’ve made things more complicated for you after reading this, just give me a shout out in the comment box.

Here are a few sweet spots for learning online marketing.

1. Quicksprout

Quicksprout.com is a company/blog owned by Neil Patel, a markting expert by normal standards and a good read on almost any day. I love quicksprout because of Neils easy to consume content, and the nicely put together guides that he publishes from time to time. And above all I love the guides he puts together.

Head over to Quicksprout today to read up on all 12 guides by Neil Patel
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Price: Free

2. Copyblogger

Today’s world of marketing is hinged on content, like they say, content is king. And the reasons  are simple, content can give you free traffic from SEO, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to convert leads to customers, that’s why Copyblogger is so relevant. The Copyblogger blog is filled with articles on how to get content right and how to copywrite for the web.

You’d want to also check out their ebooks, my best is “A business case for agile content marketing”, that book blew my mind open, practically.
Check out Copyblogger now for the best content marketing tips.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Price: Free

3. Think with Google

Can’t go too far without mentioning Google right? You remember when I said content is king? Well, Google is the king of content so… I guess they’re the real king, lol.

Think with Google discusses today’s digital landscape and shares important research material based on surveys carried out by Google and data from its platforms. The best series I’ve read on the blog was on the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT.

Get a chance to Think with Google, checkout the blog.
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Price: Free

4. Moz Beginners guide to SEO

Ever heard of Search Engine Optimisation? It’s simply the process of getting your site to show up more on Google search results pages, put another way, it’s a great way to get free traffic. Every good online strategy includes SEO and it can drive business revenue especially for bloggers like Bella Naija and our very own localizeddigital.com.

On my personal blog, I don’t get so much traffic, mostly because I talk about a niche topic and I’m not very consistent there, but in the last year alone, I’ve made millions in job contracts from free traffic I get from Google search.

Understand the value of SEO yet? The moz beginners guide is a 300 page eBook that explains everything about SEO. This is definitely a must read for aspiring marketers. Check it out here
Level: Beginner
Price: Free

5. Practical ecommerce

Do you own an ecommerce site? Or you want to start one? Ecommerce isn’t as easy as it seems from the outside, but having enough information on how to operate one definitely helps make the job easier.

For example, do you know about drop shipping? A simple technique that could save any ecommerce business hundreds of thousands in logistics. Or why it might be better to use a CMS platform for your ecommerce store rather than building from scratch.

Practical ecommerce, like the name suggests, is a blog dedicated to the ecommerce industry. It provides ideas and suggestions including research data to help you better operate your ecommerce site.

If you have an ecommerce business, this one is a must, check out the site here
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Price: Free

The secret extra resource

A lot of foreign website talk about digital marketing in a foreign way. They talk about technologies only available in developed countries, and user patterns only white people follow. That’s one of the major reasons why localized digital was started. We want to help you learn and understand digital from a local context. That’s why we’re the last and most important resource.

Check out all our blog posts here. And don’t forget, you can always ask your questions on the community forum

That’s a wrap on the short list, these websites will help you get started on the right path to learning Digital Marketing. Let me know which other websites you know in the comment box below.