Anything really. Although we excel more in questions related to marketing. But hey, if you’re trying to find the nearest pizza spot, we might be able to help you check that 😉

Yes, as long as we’re able to help without a need to charge a fee, we’d be very pleased to provide free support. What we aim to do is help all Nigerian SME’s and marketing professionals get the most out of digital

There’s no catch. The most we’d use the information you provide to do is to build content providing solutions to recurring problems we hear about on our blog. But outside of that, this is just the good will of a few people, trying to make the advertising space better one step at a time

We’d never reveal information to the public. And if we’d like to use your support ticket as a reference in any post, we’d seek permission from you before going ahead to use it. And even then, if you wouldn’t want any personal information like your name shown, we’d certainly take it out.

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