Stranger Lagos – Free shared work space in Lekki with a twist


I’ve always fancied working remotely every once in a while. There’s a sense of peace when you’re away from the visible pressure of work. And also a sense of pride when people see your laptop for the first time and can’t take their eyes off it 🙂 . So I’ve always been interested in shared work spaces. I feel like they contribute an important factor to freelancers and startups, somewhere to just sit and get shit done.

So when my friend mentioned Stranger Lagos, I was keen to see what it looked like. Coincidentally, at the time, we were also looking for a venue to shoot the first Localized Digital video. So we needed a win-win. And it was spot on.

First Impressions

My first thought of stranger Lagos was “nice lighting!”. I’ve always loved a room with an ambiance, and Stranger delivered spot on with that. First thing you notice is the mini-bar to the right, with a weird assortment of drinks. And then the open space with wooden chairs and tables filling the center of the room. On this day *and here’s the twist* they were having a meetup called the “Maker Culture”. Because Stranger is not just a work space, it’s an arts / culture / literature type setting, which makes it even better for some of us.

books at Stranger

There are a lot of interesting books at Stranger, I even saw the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Melancholic / introverted freelancers with a taste for art will feel like heaven here, a quiet work space and beautiful aesthetics are all we can ask for. Especially for those days when you just look forward to being alone.

Work space arrangements

Admittedly, I didn’t actually use the shared work space when I visited Stranger. But I did get into one of their “Maker Culture” sessions, which is basically a session hosted by different artists, the day’s topic was photography.

From my discussion with the admins of the work space, using Stranger is free as long as you buy something from the premises. The only downside is that you have to provide your own internet for yourself. Which isn’t really a bad thing considering most of us already have modems in today’s world.

The Stranger Lagos workspace is open Tuesdays to Sundays (but not Mondays, be sure to keep that in mind). And I’d say it’s one of the coziest work spaces I’ve been to in Lagos. Here’s a few pictures from our visit.

open-roof patio Stranger Lagos

A picture of the top view of the patio


Konko, one of our Subject Matter Experts about to make a yoga pose on the Patio

selfie-time localized digital

Bukky, our editor, and Konko doing some dual selfie pose, apparently the lighting from the roof was good for selfies. That’s @tidola, judging them in her mind, I judged them too, you just can’t see me 🙂

Stranger is located at 3 Hakeem Dickson Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos. There’s a giant “Suffy Travels & Tours” sign outside and a neat number three. You can’t miss it!


Osaze Osoba

Osaze Osoba

Osaze is an engineer by design, but he fell in love with marketing, design and programming. He loves scientific advertising and trains a lot.