15 tips to getting email marketing right for Nigerian businesses


Email marketing, if done right, is a direct self-sufficient means of advertising and marketing. It is relatively affordable and provides quality leads and guarantees a high CTR (click through rate). Based on the rate at which people check their emails, now that is easily synced on their mobile phones, it is a really efficient marketing means. But a lot of brands fail at it. This is mainly because of the practice of sending out mass emails with little or no thought about tailoring content to fit a group of people. Some experts have even predicted the death of email marketing. But for now, since it’s not, there are ways to getting it right. It only requires a certain amount of work to make your emails connect with your target audiences.

If you’re targeting the millennials (20-35) who open their emails frequently, then here are 15 email marketing tips to help boost engagement:

Be personal

I’m not going to pay any attention to an email that addresses me as “Hi”, not “Hi Kemi,”. That way I already know it’s just a bulk email and I’m one of the numerous recipients of it. Your emails need to be written as though you’re only speaking to one person, the recipient. Don’t use terms like subscribers or mailing list in your content, stick to just one person.

Skip the bait-and-switch

Corny email marketing tactics have made it difficult to let people know that you are real and honest. Also considering how many spam emails go out every day it’s difficult to stand out in this pool. You have to make sure your email is clear and contains no falsified information. You only one chance so don’t lose your audience. Here’s a very tacky spammy mail subject line from Verve *there was no credit alert

verve email closed

Be Natural

In the process of been personal, try to be natural don’t use my name where a pronoun will suffice, that’s obviously a code. Even if you have to use names ensure it flows naturally with the conversation or content in this case. And if you brand is a personal one, write your email like you would speak. That’s likely why the user subscribed to you in the first place, because he enjoys your content.

Create good content

Which brings us to creating good content. Good content means creating content that is relevant to your target audience. Your content might be good but if it’s not relevant then it’s not good. Your content should help your audience grow in some way, or it should give them some sort of new insight or perspective on things they did not know before. People tend to respond a lot better to content that focuses on helping them grow (infuse your product here) rather than directly try to sell them a product or service.

You don’t have to send an email

I can’t stress this enough, but if you don’t have anything to say then you don’t have to send one. Time is valuable and your audience will prefer you email them only when something important comes up (your audience will appreciate this). Sending unnecessary emails will send you straight to spam after some time.

Engage their mind

Statistics, numbers and facts gives your audience some thoughts to ponder on, you can use that to your advantage to attract and hold your reader’s attention. Use facts where possible, and ensure that you do proper research so you give the right thing. Trust me, you don’t want to look like the blockhead that said rubbish about something I care about.


Unique discount

You can use this medium to offer discount and promo codes that can only be got from clicking out directly from the newsletter. Or give something totally free in the same manner. Make sure you deliver on such and that’ll set the stage for further interaction and increases trust.


It is possible to attract attention with clever headlines, but you need to keep it simple to hold their attention, be effective and stay on the topic. Also, keep it short and sweet. Take Hygeia’s email subject line for example, (In less than 15 seconds) just sells it to me


Learn from others

Subscribe to other few good email list (not necessarily competition) preferably a global brand and do your best to emulate them. Using them as a yardstick will help you get better.

Don’t be too salesy

You know your TA (target audience) and which type of marketing approach works best for them. When developing your content remember not to overdo the selling pitch, take it from an angle that will either enrich, entertain or improve their lifestyle. When last did any of you open Konga’s email with these kind of headlines? In my head I’m saying “errr… what deals? Cornflakes?”

konga-subject-lineSpell out benefits

“What is in it for me?” That’s the question on most people’s mind. From the start speak to them as if they asked you directly. Most times people are concerned with how it benefits them directly. Writing along those lines will ensure you tap into that self-interest pool.

Here’s an example from iThemes Security, a WordPress security plugin

ithemes-proNudge a little

Try to develop a sense of urgency when writing. Offer them something then set a limit or times they have to respond, this will push them to make a decision faster than when you leave it blank. Here’s an example from Shoptomydoor

urgencyEmbed Links

By inserting links and hyperlinks throughout your email will increase the probability of one of those links getting clicked and bringing you a new client or customer. But this doesn’t always work. One school of thought is to include a single Call-to-action (CTA) for better engagement. To determine which works better for your brand, run A/B tests.

Use a P.S (Photo Script) Line

A P.S line help drives home the point you were trying to make all through your email or serve as a reminder or summary of your whole email. It should also contain your call to action and not be more than one paragraph. P.S lines can help build the desire for the product you are marketing and create and an additional sense of urgency.

Email marketing requires research and lots of patience. You might not get it right the first few times but realize your mistake from each attempt and make it better on the next. A good email marketing campaign can produce traffic, subscribers, and sales. If you don’t take shortcuts you’ll be glad at the result of your efforts.

Let us know what your experience has been like with email marketing.