Check these 6 things to make your ecommerce site user friendly


Ecommerce is a very competitive field because your rival is no more than a click away. Especially in Nigeria where we have hundreds of e-commerce sites all with the same range of product and service offering. If a customer doesn’t like your site, he simply looks for another ecommerce site to buy products from. If you want to gain more customers and attract attention, you want to make sure that your website is as usable and as customer friendly as possible. You want to ensure customers STAY on your site.

It doesn’t matter if your prices are very low or you have the best products in the market, because if customers get confused navigating your website, checking out will likely be difficult. Usability means that you have to make the buying process as quick and as easy as possible. These tips will let you create a more usable ecommerce website that can create higher conversion rates.

1. Sign-up Buttons

With tools like OpenID, you can afford customers the opportunity to register with their social media profile. Avoid lengthy signup forms that can take a few pages or so before visitors can successfully register to your site. Buyers don’t like going through stress especially when money is involved. As with some current E-commerce sites, all they require from you is a phone number, and they’d call you to get your details. The idea is to make the experience as stress free as possible for the customer.

social logging inUsers should be allowed to checkout without registering. If registration is optional, it will most likely increase your sales and reduce cart abandonment. However, if you need customers to fully signup as part of some marketing strategy or target, then be creative with it. Create Call-to-action buttons that will entice users. Give them free coupons for registering, add incentives.

2. Functional Search Bar

Search functionality helps customers to find what they are looking for, making their shopping experience more satisfying than frustrating. Who would want to go from one page to another, read the description of every product you have in your online store, just to find what they are looking for these days? This is highly recommended for an ecommerce site that has a wide variety of products sold, and if it is added with category refinement, the search process can be even quicker, allowing buyers to find what they are looking for.

In the picture below notice how elaborate the search bar is on

search konga3. Shopping Cart Security

No ecommerce website is complete without proper content management and personal detail security. Shoppers should feel confident in buying products at your ecommerce site, so you need to assure them that your site is a reputable site that has features to protect the privacy of your customers. Get a trust certificate like Hacker Safe or VeriSign and an updated SSL certificate to build up customer trust and offer better shopping security. Or like Konga just did, create a personal mobile wallet for your customers.

4. Suggest Related Items

When you buy a laptop for example from Jumia or Konga, they suggest related items, like batteries, accessories and peripheral products for you too. This not only helps save the customer’s time but also helps increase revenue and customer retention on your ecommerce site.

konga related products

5. No Hidden Charges

Customers hate agreeing to the price of a product only to find out that it is going to cost them 2% more when it is time to share their credit card details. Make sure that you display prices, taxes, shipping charges, discounts early, so that buyers know the final sum they will be forking out. If you present your customers with a lot of unexplained costs, they will more likely abandon their purchase, and even worse, their trust in your site will be broken.

6. Quick product overview

A quick product overview – is a convenient feature, offering the customer a chance to quickly scan the catalogue, paying attention to the products of interest, with details of the product stated. The quick overview function allows users to look at the product without leaving the category page. Even if the user sees the same product page but in light box with darker background, not in the separate tab, it is considered as quick overview. It is better however to fill the light box with something between product card and full product page.

ecommerce quick view lightbox

If you consider all these points, you’d likely notice that your best ecommerce stores execute them really well. Look through your ecommerce website taking all these points into consideration and see how you can make it better. Remember that if the customer loves your site, its one more reason for them to shop with you.

Do you have an ecommerce website? Drop a link to it in the comment box below so we can take a look.