3 Quick Steps To Productive Brainstorming For Brand Taglines


So I had the privilege to be part of one of the brainstorming sessions at Localized Digital.

The idea was to come up with a tagline for the brand, which anyone in the marketing industry could relate to.

Here are some of the tips that helped us, and in no particular order ūüôā

1: Have a moderator

Assigning someone to guide the brainstorming session in a productive way is key. Though the entire point involves a free flow of ideas, this can quickly get off track and out of control if not kept in check. Here, the moderator takes note of every idea brought up.

For example, during our brainstorming session, Osaze was the moderator. He wrote down every idea on the board. He also did a great job of bringing us back on track every time our attention were diverted. Like the one time we all suddenly realized we were hungry, hehe

2: Write Everything You Do

Mind mapping is a popular and powerful brainstorming tool used to visualize related terms and ideas. This happens by creating a diagram or writing the central idea, and then grouping the central idea into major sub-topics. For example, we wrote everything we do in our industry, we identified our target audience, our services and demography. You can create mind maps either on paper or a whiteboard. While brainstorming you need to have markers, pens, notes and a large amount of whiteboard space for everyone involved. Remember that every idea, good or bad should be noted or sketched out.

3: Play with Synonyms

One great word exercise is creating a “word storm.”¬†Here’s what we did with words during the brainstorming

Step 1: Write a bunch of words related to your brand and services down. These words usually represent what your brand does or hopes to achieve. In our session, we had things like marketing, answers, solutions, networking, digital, online…

Step 2:¬†Next we wrote another bunch of words related to the people we’re looking to reach out to. Your user personas. In our case, we had professionals, SMEs, startups, agencies, experts and interns.

Step 3: This step was specific to us, we wrote down the last set of words that related to location. Which turned out to be local and Nigeria

Step 4:  What we did next was to come up with one word that summarized these three things, first what we do, then our audience, then the target location.

Step 5:¬†¬†That’s when the fun began, we had all sorts of synonyms generated for these summarizing words to see what worked. In the end, none of them pieced quite well together. But in all the plenty gist, Osaze¬†got an idea

The big catchy tagline ūüėÄ : A Marketing Society for Everyone!

Here’s why it worked. Our core service was featured “Marketing”, and our aim got captured too, building a “Society”. And in the end, “Everyone” needs to understand online marketing in this day and age. At least to some extent, and that’s what we hope to help achieve.

What tagline do you use for your business? And did you have to do a proper brainstorming like this for it? Let us know in the comment box below.