Why I think Snapaya is a great idea and why you should contribute


If you run a blog you already know that getting images can be a downer. More so when you’re not in the right position to get some yourself. Either because you don’t own a good camera and your phone camera is wack, or because you’re just not that creative.

You’re not alone.

At Localized Digital we have to search all through the web for Creative Commons Zero images to use for posts. And the search can be daunting, because not many people take nice pictures of black dudes. They’re all white and funky and fine. But on one of my many trips to Techcabal, I found out about Snapaya.

snapayaBasically, Snapaya is a website that allows Nigerians upload pictures they have creative rights to. Which allows people like me get high resolution images with no obligation to pay for using it :D. At the moment, they’re only a handful of images there, but I see it growing over time. Already suggesting to a few friends to upload stuff on the website.

Submitting Photos on Snapaya

The terms for posting an image are pretty simple and straightforward


Here are some submissions so far

If over time Snapaya gets more people submitting awesome pictures like these, I think that in the next few years a part of the image problem would have been solved.