Understanding Content Marketing with Google doodles


Content marketing is not a new term to us in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, Google Trends suggests that interest in the keyword has died down over time.

We have seen more and more brands use it in marketing their products or services. Individuals use it in establishing authority. And although some of the use cases aren’t always on point, we have to give them kudos for trying.

According to Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

And it is in creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that I find Google to be awesome.

Lets take a look at what they’ve done for the Olympics as an example. If you’re like me, you don’t know jack sh*t about the whole thing. I mean, you know a group of athletes run around doing amazing stuff and getting medals for it. But you have no idea what games are being played for example, outside football :D.

Sometimes you’re interested just for the opening and closing ceremony, like this video that got me pumped. I didn’t know what happened that year at the Olympics, but God I felt a connection to it after watching this. Just look at those emotional faces

But this year, Google set out to subtly pass across the message of the Olympic games in their doodles. And just like that, I started getting an idea of what actually goes down at this famous event. This is what content marketing aims to do, sell an idea without anyone knowing that you’re actually selling.

Google’s 2016 Olympics campaign didn’t just end in their Google Search Doodles, they went as far as creating a dedicated website and app called the Fruit Games. Here are a few benefits of this kind of marketing.

Content marketing brings word of mouth

Although I had seen the doodles time and again since the games started, I never really bothered to click on it. But on this one day, a friend came over to the house and while I was trying to search for something, she said “Have you played that game?” That’s where it hit me, the doodles can be interacted with! I love games so I’m always down for stuff like this.

So I headed over to Google Now and followed the doodle link, and I found myself looking at all the games Google had currently featured from the Olympics event.

This is precisely what you get from good content marketing. Remember when #Thingsilongthroatfor came out, people talked about it. We also tried this at Zoto on New Year’s day with Twitter and got pretty good results


Point is, if you don’t come down too hard and salesy on customers, they’re more likely to listen to and talk about you.

Content marketing engages your audience

Immediately I got the Fruit Games app, I was hooked, I had to win all the games man, there was no question of it. Its the same way I felt when I heard – and watched – the Coca Cola Taste the feeling song for the first time. I felt like I was one of those young adventurous dudes jumping fences and diving in baths of ice cold water (like I’d ever do that).

But the point is, content marketing connects with your audience on such a level that they feel connected to your brand. Same thing happened when Anakle released the Bride Price App. The whole country, and the world in the end, went bunkers over it.

Create content for your brand that your audience will love and engage with. And while doing so, try as much as possible to not sell, just create a conversation. People will take notice of your brand (and eventually your product) when you do that.

Here’s the end result of one of my Fruit Games sessions 😀


How are you currently handling content marketing for your business? Do you think it works here in Nigeria? Let us know in the comments box below.