GO BIG OR GO HOME: Social Media in Nigeria

According to old fables, Nigerians are always late to everything, hence the evolution of the phrase ‘African time’. But that’s not what this article is about.

Due to our late adoption habit, Nigerian brands shunned the need for a social media presence while brands in other parts of the world were already utilising this gold mine.

Finally, we woke up to the reality and almost every MAJOR Nigerian brand has social media accounts. From telcos to FMCGs to banks, Nigerian brands are making a major headway in communicating with their consumers via Social Media.

We finally decided to go where the consumers are which is online.

Some of these social media accounts are being managed properly, while other are downright lazy. Responding to every customer complaint the EXACT same way (yes GLO, I’m looking at you ?).

As a community manager, I know the pressure that comes with balancing youthfulness and brand identity while engaging with the online community. You have to think twice (maybe three sometimes) before responding to tweets and comments on the company's account. Remember the social media manager for Tecno Mobile who went on and on about her break-up on the company’s social media account. She must have been very heartbroken ?

But who's getting it right?

A Nigerian ‘brand’ has successfully struck that balance (I FOUND GOLD)

I don’t even know if they can be categorized as a brand, but I’m talking about EFCC. Yes, you heard me Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Who would have thought that such a strict and ‘serious’ brand can have an AMAAAZING sense of humour?

I was really intrigued by their recent popularity and I decided to do a little digging.

The era of their famous clapbacks started in mid-November 2016. Before then, they were just a boring Nigerian government agency with a twitter account ?

The EFCC Transformation

But now, the transformation is EPIC!

They have successfully increased the brand’s affinity and online sentiment score just by humanizing the brand.

I don’t have statistics but I can guess that most of their 106k followers are there for the clap-backs and witty responses. The fun, yet firm way they communicate and pass their message across.is exemplary.

Shocking, but EFCC is killing it right now on social ?. Nigerian brands should watch and learnClick To Tweet

Some learnings from EFCC’s official Twitter account:

  1. People might follow you for the funny stuff in the beginning but eventually they will gain interest in your content and inadvertently increase your brand visibility and impressions.
  2. If you are going to be on social media as a brand, you had better be flexible or just leave that space for the fun people.
  3. The trend might not be yours but if you are going to jump on it, do it FAST. Who knows, it might just belong to a competitor.
  4. The online community only engages with your content when it interests them. Even if you have a message to pass across, let it be subtle.
  5. Bullies are everywhere online especially Twitter, put them in their place without being rude.

Note: if you know the person handling their Social Media, I’d love to meet him/her. I’m a BIG FAN!

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