Facebook Ads now accepting Nigerian Naira Payments

Anyone in the digital marketing space would know that this had become a huge problem for brands and clients. Dollar ad accounts didn't make it easy at all for us to make payments. First there was the $100 restriction by banks on their cards, which meant that paying $500 needed 5 cards! Just last week, I had to somehow get 30 cards to make payments online.

But thanks to a tip from Subomi Plumptre of the Facebook group "Silicon Africa", I got a tip that Facebook might have started taking Naira payments. Sure enough, tried it out just now and I have a N100 balance on my account.

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How it works

1. You'd have to create a new ad account that is naira denominated. If you have a Facebook business account, this should be easy. Just setup a new ad account and choose the Naira option.

naira account setup


2. When you get to the payment method modal, be sure to select PayU as the payment method.

payment method


3. Once you have this selected, proceed to enter your card details. PayU accepts both MasterCard and VISA debit cards. The only catch is the 3DS screen that comes up. If you've shopped on Quickteller recently, you'd likely be familiar with it. For MasterCard users, you'd need to put in your one time OTP to complete the transaction. Here's what that page looks like


money added

A few things to note

  1. Naira payments have to be prepaid. You wouldn't be billed as you go, rather, you'd fund your account and then run it from there
  2. Your Naira account isn't a dollar account that has been converted to Naira, so no DCC issues with the banks are encountered
  3. Still based on the previous point, your campaigns are now directly charged in Naira. So if you were using $1 / click before now, don't convert and assume it'll be N500/click or N320/click, you'd need to check to see what your new charges are like. Once you have this, you have a baseline moving forward

facebook blueprint now live

We're sponsoring one individual to write the Facebook Blueprint Certification

I recently blogged about the Facebook Blueprint certification, and how I took the mock test.

For a while now, I've hoped that I'd be able to take the Core Competence exam myself, but there's just not enough time to read up on this. So on behalf of Localized Digital, I'd like to sponsor one individual to write the £50 Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam.

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How to enter

  1. Simply comment on this post with your name and a link to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Please put in your email in the "email field" not as a part of your comment. So I can reach out to you

Entries will be evaluated to some extent based on the following

  1. Work experience (especially with managing paid ads)
  2. Willingness to learn and also help others in understanding the process

What we expect...

Just a recap on your experience. Our aim is to help other marketers out there understand what the certification is like, especially because its still new. And 50 GBP is quite an amount for some to pay, so I'm sure they'd be looking to hear from someone first before going ahead.

That's it! Nothing more to qualifying really. Do drop your comments below, hopefully we'd have a pick for our winner by Friday.

Good luck! Let's hope you have this at the end of the day


New post options seen on Facebook Business pages

Facebook is one of those platforms that are constantly changing. Updates every now and again help both consumers and brands be the best of themselves. And so it isn't entirely shocking that the Facebook Pages platform has now been updated to provide even better post options. While I'm not entirely sure when this came out, I only just saw it today. And while I think this is mostly a UI change because they're not all unique, I think it's a good way to point out the page features.

We'd quickly run through a few of the new post options here.

First, an overview of post options

Facebook new posting options


From a quick overview, we see that we now have 8 options to customize Facebook posts made from the business page. This would be 7 if we exclude the more obvious "advertise your business" option. Which I think is also a great way for them to subtly sell paid advertising. We'd quickly run through all of them to see their benefits

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The new Facebook posting options

The share a photo option has always been in use, so I guess there's no need for a formal introduction there. Basically brands can select photos to post on Facebook, which is usually much better than plain text on an average.

Get Signups

Facebook signup

This post option lets you add a CTA button directly on your post. Which makes sense if you wanted to run a lead generation campaign (organically). The image is also editable as the current image selection is simply the page's current cover photo.

Get phone calls

Add a CTA to your posts with a direct phone number you want your customers to call. I think this is super useful for SMEs and service providers. And there are really a lot of ways this could be used. Call toll free support, call to order, first to call wins a prize... soo many things *phew*

Get messages

The Facebook messenger platform seems to have been overlooked so far by brands. And I'm hoping that over the next few weeks, we'd be able to do a proper series on its usage. But basically this option lets you have customers send you a message on Messenger. Imagine an NGO supporting the fight against cancer for example. Put up a (hopefully) viral image/video with the CTA chat with us for free consultations... quite straightforward.

The last three options are things that are familiar to us, so I doubt they need explanation. But hopefully, this has shed some light on extra stuff you can do as a brand or an advertiser on your managed Facebook pages.

Do you think this change will have a major impact on brand messaging on Facebook? Especially given the level of quality we've seen on local brand pages so far? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below

january roundup best ads

January Roundup: Some really good ads we've seen online

There are days when we see some really cool ads online from Nigerian brands, and we thought it'd be nice to have an updated post of some of these ads. And we're open to suggestions, so if you see one, take a screenshot, see if you can get the landing page, and share both with us. We'd be happy to include them here. W'ed keep this post updated, so be sure to check back

Samsung on WeTransfer

The one thing I love about this ad is the bold statement the picture makes. And this is overemphasized by the enormous amount of space that WeTransfer makes available to advertisers. Definitely a spot I'd like to put up an ad on. Imagine the possibilities...

Sumsung wetransfer ad

linkedin for beginners

You can now advertise on LinkedIn through Google Display Ads

To be honest, I'm not sure when this happened. But in my 2 years working with a digital agency, LinkedIn was always a "premium ad" platform. We basically had to go through a media outlet to place ads there. As a matter of fact, I remember we had some form of exclusive agreement to be the advertising partner in Nigeria.

And to give you an idea of why this is important, we had only 2 ways of advertising on LinkedIn. Advertisers had the choice of self served ads, little ads that promoted sponsored posts for example. Or they could put up display type advertising (which went through the agency). The self served ads would usually go for about $1/click, on an average. And premium display advertising used to cost me about 15x more than regular Facebook / Google ads.

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Just to be sure I never noticed it and it was there all along, I looked for similar queries online. Here's a recent answer to someone asking about advertising on LinkedIn through Google. PS: This was accepted as correct by a Google Employee

linkedin answer


Now that display ads are possible, here's what the ads look like

linkedin google ads


What does this mean for advertisers?

  1. Advertising for one on LinkedIn will now be significantly cheaper
  2. Since display advertising is now on an open platform like Google, small businesses with lower budgets can now reach the platform
  3. Clients with a more business oriented message now have an extra platform they can use for managed placements
  4. LinkedIn will accept text, leaderboard, skyscraper and video ads

Here's the current inventory listing as seen on the Google Display Planner.

linkedin inventory

What this means for LinkedIn as a platform

What I found a bit troubling about this, outside of the obvious good that it means for us advertisers, is that the platform loses some level of integrity. Seeing that Jiji ad advertising bikes... that just ruined the LinkedIn feel for me. But this is my personal opinion.

The most likely scenario is that LinkedIn realized premium display advertising wasn't working out for its Nigerian audience. And I say Nigerian because I do not think that LinkedIn has opened fully to Google ads in all African / West African countries. I checked Kenya and I still see only text ads. I'd likely be trying out ads on this platform, will be sure to put up my findings on performance.

What do you think of LinkedIn's move to start running Google Display ads? Let me know your thoughts

mobile apps for monitoring ads

One easy way to keep track of Facebook / Google marketing this holiday

Its that time of the year again where we all head back to family. At least for some of us. Agencies will soon be resuming skeletal services, brands will be closing. Some services though, will never shut down, like where I work and that's just a bummer. But for the rest of the world, things are winding down to a slow drive.

But that doesn't mean that everything will end. Marketing campaigns still have to be run, ads will have to be monitored, and someone still needs to keep an eye on ongoing costs. As at this time last year, I was home, but never out of arm's reach of my laptop. I had to be on a lot of campaigns to ensure the brand goals were still on track. It was kinda a lot of stress.

Managing from your mobile

Good news is, both AdWords and Facebook have mobile apps that let you monitor and manage your campaigns. And although these apps have been around for a while, they've not always received proper recognition.

Managing AdWords on iOS & Android

The AdWords app is quite useful in keeping an eye on your display, search and YouTube campaigns. You can download the app for Android and iOS.

Managing Facebook Ads on iOS & Android

The Facebook Ads Manager app will let you monitor and create new ads to reach your Facebook audience. It is also available on Android and iOS

Staying online with Facebook / Instagram / Messenger communication

Customers will certainly still be in touch over this period. For some services, even more so due to the seasonal need of some products / services. So its is equally important to ensure that you're reachable in moments where customers try to communicate with you. And like we mentioned in our previous post on the updated Pages Manager app, you can do all this from there. Simply install on iOS & Android to keep tabs with customers

Hope this helps you with your marketing campaigns. Enjoy your holidays!

facebook pages manager

Manage Facebook, Instagram & Messenger communication in one app

For most social media managers, managing cross platform communication is a struggle. I know because I sit next to one all day. Miss a message and you could have a PR disaster by morning. And so these hard working individuals need to check every platform every time, which is time consuming.

However, that's about to end, at least with 3 platforms. With the new release of the Pages Manager app, you can now seamlessly communicate with fans on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Saving you tons of time and energy switching between platforms.

Facebook, Instagram & messenger inboxes

You can reply to Facebook interactions and Instagram comments directly from the updated inbox. Simply tap on the content you want to answer and reply like illustrated below.

reply to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger comments

Using the updated Inbox

Getting started with the updated inbox is quite easy. Simply follow the illustrated steps below.

getting started with Pages Manager


You can also get basic profile information of your customers. Just tap on the customer and see any publicly available information before responding! This will easily give you more context on how best to respond to each case.

I think this is a great addition for most social media managers. It also helps SME owners consolidate support to just one app. Sweet isn't it? Download the app for iOS and Android.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below

adwords marketing goals

Looking for campaign ideas on AdWords? Check the Marketing Goals website

As marketers, part of our day to day activities is to check for more effective ways to do the same thing. The objectives might vary, from app install, to driving ecommerce sales and lead generation. But over time, especially if you're a one man team, ideas start to fade. Sometimes you just need a little boost to get your creative juices flowing.

This is exactly why the AdWords Marketing Goals website was launched. To help businesses and individuals alike get ideas  on more effective ways to run certain campaigns.

Using AdWords Marketing Goals

In this case for example, I have picked out driving foot traffic to my store as the goal. Here's a part of the page that comes up

adwords marketing goals


You'd notice the same pattern as you go through the website. For every goal you select, you'd get a few ideas on how best to achieve them with AdWords. This will also come in handy for SME owners and digital advertising beginners.

Be sure to check out the marketing goals website and let us know what your experience is like

google analytics demo account

Noticed a spike in fake referrer traffic on Google? You're one in many

If you've been using Google Analytics for a while, you've probably had to deal with fake traffic at some point. They come and go, and every now and again, you find a fix on the public web. But the most recent traffic spikes have become a bit more hilarious and simply annoying in some cases.

You know how you just started a blog and you're really scurrying for traffic day and night and trying to push out good content. And then one day you check analytics and see a huge spike and you're like YES! Then you check the source and its from referral with the referrer being "Secret.ɢoogle.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!" You practically die inside like twice.

Here's a screenshot from my dashboard with the same issue. This is from the language breakdown section

analytics fake

And this is from my referrer traffic breakdown.

analytics fake 2


You'd notice the referrer URL on the second image is so bold as to say "fake" in the URL, just so much courage on the trolls part.

This can become a major issue for people who do not look deep into analytics data to check exactly where their traffic sources originate from. Especially because it inflates numbers and provides a false illusion of success.

This is done in several ways to deceive webmasters into thinking they need to visit these referrer URLs. In which case, the attacker might actually generate some traffic from this, or use it as a phishing site. According to an article on Marketing Land

Some attackers generate ghost visits without even sending a bot to your site. The attacker just needs to run the Google Analytics tracking JavaScript to ping the Google Analytics data collection servers with fraudulent information.

So be careful before you open that referring URL to check who the source of that traffic might be.

Getting rid of fake traffic on Google Analytics

Although this is not a one step process, I'd walk you through the easiest filter to setup on your analytics profile. Which is the language filter.

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Step 1 - Go to admin

Click on the admin menu on the navigation bar of your analytics account. Select a view that isn't the "All website data" view. If you don't have any other one, you should create a "Filtered data" view. This is best practice because filters, once applied, cannot be revoked to bring back the data they excluded from your view.

Step 2 - Create a filter

Create a new filter and use "Custom filter" against predefined. Then fill out like I have below. The filter pattern is \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,

analytics fake

Once you do this, click on the "Verify filter" button just below to confirm that your filter works. Here's a screenshot of mine.

analytics fake

Once you have confirmation, go ahead and save this.

Like I mentioned before, this is n't an exhaustive list, but its a simple first step. To get a detailed post on how to deal with Google Analytics spam referrers, check out these three posts


If you run into any trouble doing this, be sure to drop a comment below, we'd be more than happy to help.



Join us at the Growth Hacking Masterclass at Hotels.ng

A simple conversation on Radar sparked an event to life and I'm really excited to be a part of it.

The growth hacking masterclass is

An Invite-Only Event For Growth Hackers, Digital Marketers and Startup Founders. The Event Is A Platform To Share Actionable Insights Around Growth Hacking Best Practices For Startups In Nigeria.

And I'd be taking a keynote on data driven marketing for paid advertising. Along with Abdul, Analytics Lead at Google Nigeria. QA sessions will also be held with a focus on building growth teams and incorporating virality into product marketing. You can check out the full press release here.

The event will hold at the Hotels.ng office in Yaba, on Saturday the 10th of December. Here's the full event schedule:

  • Keynote sessions: Paid Marketing And Data-Driven Marketing Wins For Startups (Presentations by Osaze Osoba and Abdul Salam
  • Panel Session 1: How To Build Viral Products And Products That Scale (Panelists are: Aniedi Udo-Ubong, Olufunbi Falayi, Chinedu Azodoh and Somto Ifezue. Moderator is Wole Ogunlade
  • Panel Session 2: How To Organize And Building A Team To Focus Solely On Growth (Panelists are: Justin irabor, Ekundayo Temitope and Yele Gbademosi. Moderator is Ubah Benson
  • Open Mic Session: What's the Fastest Way to grow your startup: Paid or Organic?
  • Live Case Study session (startup to be pre-selected. You can apply to qualify)
  • Networking and mentoring

Only 50 seats are available for this event, so be sure to signup early enough! Would be expecting to see you there