One easy way to keep track of Facebook / Google marketing this holiday


Its that time of the year again where we all head back to family. At least for some of us. Agencies will soon be resuming skeletal services, brands will be closing. Some services though, will never shut down, like where I work and that’s just a bummer. But for the rest of the world, things are winding down to a slow drive.

But that doesn’t mean that everything will end. Marketing campaigns still have to be run, ads will have to be monitored, and someone still needs to keep an eye on ongoing costs. As at this time last year, I was home, but never out of arm’s reach of my laptop. I had to be on a lot of campaigns to ensure the brand goals were still on track. It was kinda a lot of stress.

Managing from your mobile

Good news is, both AdWords and Facebook have mobile apps that let you monitor and manage your campaigns. And although these apps have been around for a while, they’ve not always received proper recognition.

Managing AdWords on iOS & Android

The AdWords app is quite useful in keeping an eye on your display, search and YouTube campaigns. You can download the app for Android and iOS.

Managing Facebook Ads on iOS & Android

The Facebook Ads Manager app will let you monitor and create new ads to reach your Facebook audience. It is also available on Android and iOS

Staying online with Facebook / Instagram / Messenger communication

Customers will certainly still be in touch over this period. For some services, even more so due to the seasonal need of some products / services. So its is equally important to ensure that you’re reachable in moments where customers try to communicate with you. And like we mentioned in our previous post on the updated Pages Manager app, you can do all this from there. Simply install on iOS & Android to keep tabs with customers

Hope this helps you with your marketing campaigns. Enjoy your holidays!