Looking for campaign ideas on AdWords? Check the Marketing Goals website


As marketers, part of our day to day activities is to check for more effective ways to do the same thing. The objectives might vary, from app install, to driving ecommerce sales and lead generation. But over time, especially if you’re a one man team, ideas start to fade. Sometimes you just need a little boost to get your creative juices flowing.

This is exactly why the AdWords Marketing Goals website was launched. To help businesses and individuals alike get ideas  on more effective ways to run certain campaigns.

Using AdWords Marketing Goals

In this case for example, I have picked out driving foot traffic to my store as the goal. Here’s a part of the page that comes up

adwords marketing goals


You’d notice the same pattern as you go through the website. For every goal you select, you’d get a few ideas on how best to achieve them with AdWords. This will also come in handy for SME owners and digital advertising beginners.

Be sure to check out the marketing goals website and let us know what your experience is like