Google now lets you share ad previews with your clients


I worked with an agency for a year and half, and there are certain things I can tell you for sure that happen. One recurring topic that comes up is a client tasking to see their ad. And if you work in an agency, you’re probably tired of hearing this too.

The problems with looking for a clients ad are quite simple.

  1. You stand a chance of reducing your CTR/quality score if you keep doing random searches
  2. Sometimes a screenshot is not enough, your client somehow wants some other proof
  3. Your client’s ad wouldn’t always show. Smart targeting is what rules digital.

But that doesn’t stop your average client from going bunkers on you. “I’m not seeing my ad” is the most common complaint.

Thankfully, Google just released a fix for that. Welcome the new and improved Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.

How does it work?

Lets say I work for Konga for example. And the Konga team needs to see that their ads are up. In the past, we’d search for the Konga keyword on the ad preview and diagnosis tool and take a screenshot. But now you can also share this screenshot!

share this report

Here’s the link to the shared search.

I think this is a huge add for agencies. Sharing the ad experience with clients is now as simple as the click of a button.

What we’d really love to see though (without sounding too greedy), is an ad preview tool for Display advertising. Because to be frank, that’s where a lot of clients get the most anxious. They want to see the ads on website so bad, that poor account managers are stuck at their tables refreshing a targeted page.

We hope that Google will also consider putting this in the works.

Do you work at an agency right now? Let us know if you think this is helpful enough.