Google AdWords gets its first redesign. Starts slow roll out


Its been over 15 years since the launch of AdWords, and in that period so much has changed. And along with it, AdWords.

15 years ago, you probably had just started understanding the internet. You probably had set times for when you could browse (at the cyber cafe’s). Your mobile phone was either a 3310 or something similar. And you never even thought browsing while on your mobile would be possible. But all of that has changed.

You’re now more dependent on the web than you are on your friends. You browse while on your mobile pooping (if you’re sincere with yourself). You invite your friends over and end up stalking other friends with their Instagram photos, ignoring each other the entire time.

All of these changes have also affected advertising and the way advertisers work. 15 years ago, YouTube wasn’t even in sight, but today it’s become a part of AdWords. Gmail Sponsored Promotions, which was launched a few years back, has also now become part of AdWords. All of these changes made the platform evolve, but with very little change in its interface. But this is all about to change.

The Google AdWords team officially announced a refresh to the AdWords dashboard earlier this year. And some users have started getting access to this dashboard. According to Google, the roll-out will span through 2016 to 2017.

Here’s a preview of what the new interface looks like.

Google AdWords new interface

One thing that becomes immediately clear is the mobile focus. Advertisers now need to setup ads on the go and can no longer afford to wait till they get to their desks. So now it’ll become even easier for you to take care of your client’s urgent campaign setup while seating in the passengers seat of your car. And trust me, to some of us who work with agencies, this is awesome news.



Is there any change in AdWords functionality?

Not at the moment. Everything, in terms of functionality, on the AdWords dashboard remains the same. The entire focus of the design in this new UI is to enable a more user friendly dashboard that produces awesome experiences across multiple devices. According to Google:

What should be most noticeable about this new AdWords experience is the look and feel. This is Material Design, the design language that’s at the core of our favorite Google apps like Maps, Search, and Gmail. While this AdWords may look and feel different, your campaigns will run the same as they run today – with no upgrades or migrations.

How can you get the new dashboard?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to do that. The Google team reaches out to AdWords users and invites them to test the new platform. We’re not sure if any Nigerian agency or business has been given access as of this moment.

If you do have access to the new dashboard, let us know in the comments box below.