AdWords Update: Converted Clicks no longer supported


As of yesterday, 25th July, 2016, Google announced that it will stop reporting converted clicks on AdWords. This is important news for most people already running AdWords and here’s why…

Converted Clicks was introduced in 2001 and helped advertisers figure out which clicks directly led to people taking actions on their website, actions like making a purchase, signing up for email newsletters and the likes. This was all great, but fast forward 15 years later and technology has evolved. Imagine someone clicked on your ad on his mobile device during lunch time hours for example, and then went on his laptop when he got back on his seat and made the purchase on your site, the chain is broken as you can see, the converted click report will not capture this as a conversion, and given the huge rise in mobile adoption in all parts of the world, this is already an issue from a reporting point of view. This is where the Conversions metric comes in, as of September 2016, Converted Clicks will be completely replaced by Conversions.

A few of many cases where this makes sense

Here are a few more scenarios where the Conversions metric will do much better than the converted clicks metric

  1. A potential customer sees your ad, clicks on it, and 5 days later searches on Google for your brand name, because he doesn’t remember the website URL (we almost never do), and then he checks out. In the Converted Clicks report, a conversion wouldn’t be counted, but with the Conversions metric, AdWords reports this as a conversion
  2.  Assuming a user saw and clicked on an ad for your Nike running shoes on sale at 50% off at your retail store in Ikeja City Mall 😀 and hurriedly went to get it the next day in store, through advanced data processing, for some brands, Google can count the in store purchase as a Conversion, completely bridging the reporting analysis from online to offline. This (most certainly) wouldn’t be caught by the Converted Clicks metrics.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea of why this old metric needs to go out, and the reason behind pushing the Conversions metric to the limelight.

If you already use the Conversion metrics and also use the Conversions tab for bidding and reporting in AdWords, you’re good. However, if you use the Target CPA or Enhanced CPC (eCPC) bidding option with the bidding type set to Converted Clicks, you’d need to make the change.

The conversion bid metric setting in AdWords

What to keep in mind…

Keep in mind when you switch to the Conversions metric, either compulsorily in September or before then, data from the Converted Clicks metric will be lost, so you’re advised to export all Converted Clicks data before then to prevent data loss. Other things to keep in mind when making the update are

  • Choose which conversion actions that you measure should be included in the “Conversions” column. Other actions can still be measured in “All conversions”
  • Determine whether to count multiple instances of a conversion after a click or only one
  • Customize your conversion windows and values (if necessary)
  • Review your cross-device conversion numbers, which will be included in the “Conversions” column starting in September 

Do you work with the AdWords Converted Clicks metric? Or you already use the Conversions metric, let us know in the comments below.